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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New inspiration.  New photo sizes!

I can't wait for my own place to decorate!

As per usual, I have no idea where I collected these images from. Please let me know if they are yours so I can link back or give credit where credit is due!

Genoa St. Reunion

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been sick for what feels like forever (3 days). After doing nothing, feeling awful, and watching (or partially) watching about 20 movies, I was happy to get a call from my former Australian roommates.  L & A were in town! These two are fantastic-- not only did they take me on some fantastic road trips and adventures in my first term in Australia, they were amazing roomies.

We met up at Starbucks and reminisced about the good times in Australia. They feel the same affinity for the beach life as I do. There's something so je ne sais quoi about life there. And not just beach side life, city life too.

Balcony views from Genoa St.

As you can see, we had a pretty sweet place. I can't tell you how much I miss swimming daily.  Beach swimming > Pool swimming  maybe? Either way, sea salt in the air ruins my hair but makes me feel so good! 

Have I convinced you to go yet?  

Capitol, Canal, Clothes!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

There are a few things that I should have written about over the past few weeks. So, here's what I missed:

Kelly Slater's latest film-- The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D was playing at the local IMAX. It has been on my "to see list" since I saw an ad ages ago and considering it's only playing in a few theatres across Canada, I completely lucked out.  Thursday night at the IMAX? Yes, please!

As my friend NL said "Kelly Slater and Jersey Shore in one night. It's like the greatest night imaginable". Yep, he's right! 

Work is fantastic! I'm loving the whole communications world. I'm overly happy to be in a real job and even got to take a course on Google Analytics. Without going into too much detail, the job is ever evolving and I've got my hand in several projects (including writing a blog and social media strategy). I'll be disappointed when this job is over and am on the hunt for another one when this job is up come Mid- March.  SEO, anyone?  

I don't have that many winter clothes. Well, no, that is a lie. I have a lot of clothing, but I left more of it back in the hometown and brought only a few mainly winter things with me. I also have the excuse of not having a winter last year (please please please let me move back Australia way and endless summer). I forgot how great post winter sales are. A sweater for $12 (paired with a disgustingly expensive Burberry belt)... mmm huh

And finally, I spent the beginning of this weekend in bed feeling terribly lousy. It did give me a chance to catch up on Thursday night television (30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec) but that was about it. I woke up on Sunday feeling significantly better and ready for a little exploration of this city. I haven't seen half as many "touristy" things as I would like (my fault), so I'm starting to adventure a little more. 

This weekend's adventure brought me to Winterlude. Call me crazy, but I have never really heard of Winterlude before... until now that is.  Beavertails (what a gross name for such a delicious deep friend batter dipped in sugar and cinnamon), ice sculptures, skating on the canal... and a little shopping! 

So It's been quite the crazy few weeks. I left out a great visit with my cousin that lives state side, several basketball games and a great few night out. 

Not bad for a month! 

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