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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For once I know where I found these... check out --" Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love." 

Now I'd like a house to decorate, please.

The first hint of spring

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've been neglecting my camera lately. It's a combination of not feeling inspired (20%) and the fact that it was too damn cold to even think about my non-gloved hands holding my camera to take any photos (80%). But yesterday I went outside without a coat! Just a warm sweater and a scarf. That, in combination with the rain, means we are on the path to SUMMER(!) and many more photos!

Then someone posted this to their Facebook:

30,000 images of summer. Can you imagine? It is strangely the second stop-motion video I've watched today (the first being the Adelaide Fringe Festival). I am fascinated and overly enthused for this upcoming season.
Can. Not. Wait.

Where in the world?

Guess what? I've been at a new job for 1 week. It's still in the realm of communications and web (all the things I enjoy) and still sort of in the non-profit sector, but vastly different from the last job. Oops. Looks like I missed writing about that --will need to be more diligent in the future! 

If you know me, have met me or read my blog, you likely know my affinity for New York City. In fact, I was just there over new years. And... I'm going back! Not for long this time, but enough time to take in some sights-- perhaps catch up with some friends and do some much needed shopping (and while the dollar is at par!). So very excited!

And is a strange series of events, over the course of 24 hours, I heard from 5 people from my time in Australia. 5 people I haven't heard much from over the past 8 months and then all on one day?

Is the world trying to tell me something? Time to go back to Australia?

Monday Movie Madness

This is what happens when you are too far away from really amazing friends. May I present Skype Movie Night:

It may be a kids movie but Tangled was pretty cute! 

I love the internet. 

Spins and Needles + Live Bands

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It has been way too long since I was able to pull out my paint set and just create. I miss that. I haven't been overly creative or crafty in the art sense since... before Australia. Yikes.

Things I will attempt: reading more (I'm about 1/3 into The Ecology of Commerce and 1/2 way through Tattoos on the Heart ) and being creative are top of the list! So, last weekend I set out to be creative, pick up a book and see a live show.

I was invited to Spins and Needles (such a great name, eh?). Arts & Crafts, a live DJ spinning tunes and a bar. Seriously-- art, booze and music. Such a perfect combination. Of course, I left my camera(s) at home. Figures. But I did manage to hang my project up at work and here it is:

Yep, that's a deer head! The coolest deer head in the office (ok, the only deer head in the office) but I think it looks pretty cool. Hooray for office art.

UPDATE: A picture from the events from the Spins and Needles Flickr page !

This weekend was also one of my favourite weekends in this city so far. My friend DT was playing a show with his band, Staylefish  at a bar downtown. Post-Spins and Needles I walked over and it was amazing. I haven't seen them play in a while and I forgot how much fun going to see live bands (and especially live bands when you're friends with members of said band) is! They played, I watched, enjoyed cran + vodka, and hung out between sets.  I couldn't have asked for a better or jammed packed Friday night.

There's no way this Friday is going to beat that!

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