Light show in the capitol

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The other evening a few friends and I went to Parliament to see the brand new light show, Mosaika! It was pretty cool-- and there were lots of people, especially for a free show at 10pm on a Wednesday night.

Pretty neat, right?

Never ending Bluesfest feat. John Butler Trio!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I think it's been about a month since I've posted. Terrible, I know. I have so many photos to upload, too. And a few stories to share. Like how on Canada day, A got us backstage passes to Parliament Hill celebrations. Unreal. 

Things have been hectic in the capitol... just how I like it. Speeding right through most of June and half of July-- The last 2 weeks were Bluesfest. I saw GirlTalk (seriously love) and Steve Miller Band (I'm pretty sure I was transported back to my childhood for that hour and a half!) and danced the night away. I picked two days. That one and the final night-- Lupe Fiasco, Cheap Trick, John Butler Trio and Death Cab for Cutie. A freak rain-lightening-ish storm hit and the main stage-- the one we were about 30 ft from, crashed to the ground (see the vid). I was shaking. It was intense. The night was cancelled  (so no JBT or Death Cab) and we dragged our soaking wet, completely shocked selves home.

Today, I get home from work, looked at Twitter and I see a guy I follow (thanks JF) had posted about John Butler playing a free show at 7pm about a 10 mins walk from me. I looked a the clock, it was 6:50. I grabbed my bag and ran(!) to the park. I made it just in time and was about 6 people back.

Such a great hour! He went though the crowd, made everyone sing a long and was just awesome to watch.

Love Australians!

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