An afternoon on Queen St. W.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

After countless weekends that have been absolutely non-stop (and weeks that, somehow, are even more filled) I decided to have a relaxing weekend in. Friday night was spent eating frozen yogurt and watching Being Elmo with MC and the plan for Saturday was organizing and grocery shopping.

Saturday rolled around and with the exception of doing the dishes that have been piling up over the course of the week and grocery shopping for the first time in 2 (3?) weeks, zero organizing was completed. But an awesome adventure with Finn did happen and it looked a little like this...

First stop was Trinity Bellwoods. It would be difficult for this to be any closer to my place. It's hard to tell based on this picture alone, but the rest of the park was jammed. Today was the first really (really) nice days in ages.

On the walk I spotted this in a bus stop. I love artists. 

Tres Chic, an Australian designer, started making these in small quantities and it totally took off. The designs are now situated on a shop in West Queen West. I will be making these with '90s jeans I find a VV. I knew my textile class would come in handy. Who's up for some tye dye?

I then spotting my favourite Australian (umm.. world, are you saying something to me?) magazine at Drake's General Store. Super excited to have found this!

Dolls. WWF dolls.

And in the parking lot across from The Drake was my future car.

And finally (I wish I had a picture of the other one) we landed up at the second back alley vintage "pop up" shop. This one had a table with guak and chips and $3 beer. Legal? Unlikely. Amazing? Completely.

After all of that, it was time to make our way back to my part of the neighbourhood. What an afternoon.

Adventure Time! 

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