Adios Goldie!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ah, moving. The whole process no longer phases me as I've moved heaps of times in my life. If I've learned one thing about travel it's that no one likes packing (and unpacking) and then re-packing to fit the weight limits of the airlines-- but, here I go again! 

After 5 spectacular months spent on the Gold Coast of Australia, it's time for a little change of scenery and as of tomorrow morning at 7am, I'm off to see what else this glorious country has in store for me-- starting with the rest of the East Coast of Australia! 

When I first left for Australia, I was allowed 100 pounds of baggage. That may seem like a lot of baggage, but it's not. That's like 2 suitcases and a carry on. You have no idea how many things I packed, took out, forgot to put back in/ ended up putting completely ridiculous things in their place (14 pairs of shoes for a beach country where I ended up wearing flip flops practically every day... oops) and then headed Australia way with some terrible clothing choices for the weather! Hey, it happens-- lesson learned (ok, probably not!) 

Taking into consideration everything I learned in my many past travels, I've taken a new approach to clothing during travel. Let's keep in mind that I don't really "do" backpacks. I traveled around Europe with a large pink purse- not a backpack! 

 With this inner Australia adventure, I've opted to keep my clothing to one carry-on suitcase, a purse and a laptop bag-- mission impossible. I packed up my  big two suitcases and sent them off with a friend of mine that lives permanently on the coast. 

So here I am, left with this:

So there is it. The bag is completely full (over flowing) and I'm hoping the whole "sit on it and then try and zip it up" works in my favour. Either that, or my purse is going to be overflowing with the things I can manage to shove in there! 

Before I leave here's a few pictures of what I'll be leaving...

view out my bedroom window

view from the balcony and why resort living is the best!

So there you have it. It's sort of a bitter-sweet move, but I'll be back in no time and with lots more of Australia seen and a lot more stories to share! I'm excited to see what kind of outfits I can create out of the few things I was able to pack into that bag-- wish me luck on that! 

Empire State of Mind

Monday, November 30, 2009

I know... I know... these pictures are clearly not from Australia. Coats don't really exist in Australia -- in my version anyway! As I type, I'm currently sitting under the Air Con in the 30+ degree(celsius) heat. Phew it's hot hot hot

These pictures come from a photoshoot that my friend Anna and I did in NYC prior to my departure for Australia. It's my favourite city and Anna and I had a great time running around taking photos just before we got hit by a freak snow storm (ahh, snow! Who knew I'd ever miss it!?). I'm going to try to keep these looks relatively recent, but some pictures just need to be shared!


Jacket: been in my wardrobe for ages
Jeans: The Gap
Boots: Hunter*
Watch: Esquire

White Cardi: The Gap
Necklace: Vintage, 33 cents

* If you don't own a pair of Hunter boots, I suggest you get on it! 

The Real World: Sydney

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love MTV--always have and chances are extremely good that I always will! That being said, I was super excited to hop on a plane and finally get to Sydney, home of The Real World: Sydney (back in 2007).  I did the super touristy thing, but didn't manage to find the Real World house... ah well, that just means I'll have to go back!

Artsy shot

Playing in Luna Park-- Supermodel shot

On an island in the sun...

After spending the last 5 months in Australia, I've decided to start snapping my hot hot heat inspired clothing choices! Some are a little boring (sometimes a tee and shorts have to suffice) and some are more suited to the cold Canadian climate (it's hard to let go!)... but they will always be fun!


It's a bit strange celebrating the Christmas season sans snow (Christmas in the middle of summer?). Last week my flatmates and I did a little photoshoot at our local beach for Christmas! These are for those that are stuck in the cold...

Hot Red Shirt: Borrowed for the shoot, Witchery
Polka-dot baby blue Shorts: Surf shop sale bin $20, Insight
Sunnies: $3, JYSK 
Santa Hat: Laura & Alex's Chrissy Collection

and this one was just for fun... 

Happy Holidays! 

A post a month...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Times flies. I know, I know. The WORST excuse ever... but an excuse none the less! :)

So this week was jammed packed with awesomeness in the states and of course, I'm here chilling (working really hard) in Australia without American television to catch any of the goodness on tv...

Here's what I've missed:

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK .. ugh. The clothes are to die for. I am a big fan of Whitney Port's newest collection and one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta debuted her (questionably terrible) line a few days ago. Ah, the good, the bad AND the ugly! 

MTV VIDEO AWARDS. Seriously, I love this stuff. I've been a fan of MTV for... well my entire life! and I've watch pretty much all of the award ceremonies. Evidently I missed an amazing one because Kanye was a b*tch and stole the limelight from Taylor Swift. Golden. Who else would storm the stage and proclaim someone else as the best? Only Kanye. 

Hmm... I know there was something else happening that I was sad to have missed any converge on, but it seems to have escaped my mind at the moment! 

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been ages since I've updated and for once I have a great excuse-- I moved to Australia! I've been talking about it for a while and I finally decided to go back to school to get a Masters! Hello, Grad school life (goodbye any sort of money I had saved...)

 I really should have taken picture of me packing because it was probably the funniest/ worst thing I have ever done. I wanted to take my entire wardrobe but that was a little over the 90 pound limit (turns out that is not really that much weight). I impressed myself when I fit in many (many) clothes, makeup, accessories, several purses, 3 books, sheets, blanket, duvet, a pillow AND 13 pairs of shoes!

I moved from a country with 4 distinct season to a country that gets hot, hotter and dead hot! eek! I'm really not used to heat like this and my clothes are not really heat appropriate. It's the middle of winter and I'm hot wearing my jeans. Apparently it's only going to get hotter from now on...  uh oh! This may be my one chance for a tan-- ever! :)

On to the better things: Before I left I picked up a sweater from Bootlegger. I will take a picture because it's my new favourite piece of clothing and I wear it all the time!  A friend of mine owned it and I borrowed it in NYC (and accidently left it at Sushisamba and had to take a taxi back in the morning to get it... oh, good nights in the City!) It's great for throwing on for an evening out or the class in the morning! (really, must find a picture)

I've been here for about 6 weeks now (I know, I know... I should have updated before this) and I have bought one purse. Nothing else. Can you imagine going weekS without buying anything? Yah, me neither. It hurts.  I need to avoid the many (MANY) malls in the area and leave my cards at home... sad. BUT in the end I'll be a Master of Media! It'll all be worth it in the end! 

Off to find a job. Must be able to buy clothes and travel! 


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