Movie: The Good Guy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life on the job hunt is incredibly ____________ (frustrating boring, difficult, exciting-- you pick!). But alas, I am not giving up hope! Continuously looking, searching, uncovering things I never thought of before... perhaps that's the best bit!

Either way, I'm stuck to my Mac like glue (terrible saying) and have been putting a few things on in the background while I search. I've completed the first season of How to Make it in America - round 2! Fantastic show; makes me want to be back in the City. But I digress: How to Make it stars Bryan Greenberg (whom you can follow on Twitter here)-- he's been in quite a few shows, movies and he's a musician. Talent all around!

I was sifting through his IMDB (just me?) and came across The Good Guy. I've found quite a few new movies that must have come out when I was in Australia, because I've never heard of them. This morning, I decided to give it a go:

And I love it. Where was the advertising for this film? It's got an excellent cast, great story line, good music and a bit of a Garden State feel. Find it, watch it, love it.

It's a Mad Mad World

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been a little MIA lately. I realize that in the blog world it's not allowed...  I'm such an online rebel.

But I'm back... and here's what you missed:

I booked a trip over the holidays to Kentucky (via Nashville). It's where one half of my family resides. I'm excited to have a delicious turkey dinner (and not be freezing) with the family!

Found here

And shh... but I might have got a fantastic gift of a plane ticket somewhere amazing for New Years Eve.


It's nearly December, It's nearly Steph Day and It's nearly the holidays! Any plans? 

Winter Clothes Shopping Fun

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spent the majority of today on the couch. Scratchy throat and a fever... worst. I decided that I couldn't spent the entire day in, so I put on my sweater and scarf and headed to Starbucks for a Caramel Frap (I'm feeling that hot right now) and Winners for a little retail therapy (which, in case you were wondering, does absolutely nothing for a fever...)

I missed out on winter last year, so my cold weather clothing is lacking. I have 2 sweaters (they are actually the same sweater)-- one is now grey-black due to the fact I wore it basically everyday in Australia and the newest one is just this years edition. So, a trip to Winners:

I absolutely love this sweater, but I am absolutely not a size 0. I wish, so dearly, that it fit well. But alas, it did not. 

But the colour! And the style! Why, oh Winners, must you carry the sweater I've been after for so long, in ONE size. Sigh.

I went though all of my clothes about 2 months ago and purged all of my hoodies. Well, all but 2. But those 2 are house-hoodies and shouldn't leave the house-- ever.  So I was in need of a nice-ish, but comfy running to the store sweatshirt. This one I bought:

A great purple colour. Boat-neck style. So so sooooo comfy. SOLD

I'm hoping that perhaps I look at them tomorrow and it makes me feel less feverish and great yet again! Any great sweaters on your list of things to buy this winter season? 

From the Inspiration Files

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's mid November, but feels more like the beginning of Fall. No complaints here, though! I sat outside on the balcony yesterday and read a new novel... when was the last time mid-November you could say that? 

The beautiful night time weather made me long for hot summer nights. Outdoor patios and hanging lights:


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes it  feels like the world is going to end. The sky goes really strange and it's alarmingly bright when it should be getting dark. The other night was one of those nights... but I'm still here, so I guess my prediction of the world ending was incorrect.

This was well into the evening... A little weird, eh?

Weekly Roundup!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Woah, I've missed out on posting a few awesome things over the last week! Let the (sort of quick) recap begin:

First, I won tickets to see Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip) at Music Hall. Big thanks to Swim Drink Fish Music!  

It was pretty trippy- that background was created by Gord in a petri dish and changed nearly every song. Pretty neat!

Then I got a reply from The League on Twitter. Love love loveee The League!

Then finally, my friend BR won tickets to Yuk Yuk's comedy club on the weekend! Tickets for 10 of us... not bad! 

Wins all around! 

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