Rainy Tuesday; Sick in Bed

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I had all intentions of posting much more in January, yet with my lack of personal internet and the WLAN (my 'borrowed' building internet) cutting out at a exponential rate as of late, I just didn't. So mark my words: January 17th is the start of real blogging... yet again!

Let me catch you up on a few things I've missed since posting pre-New Years:

'90s dance party! I forgot how different the parts of this city can be. A few friends from undergrad decided to venture out and check out a bar that all of us had heard of, yet none of us had been: Clintons. I'm fairly convinced we will, at some point, end of on their facebook page as they took a picture of us and said "this won't end up on the internet"... hmm... I'm pretty sure that's what they all say! Ultra awesome night that ended with burritos. Can't beat that! 

The true realization that I love this city. I spent one day last weekend exploring more North of where I live with MC (my former roommate from Uni). I've been here a few months and haven't even stepped foot that way, so I figured a long walkabout was in order. It's not New York or London, but it's pretty amazing. 

Nerd stuff: I started taking a fabric dying class. I've always had this strange attraction to textile, so when I was flipping through a course catalogue and saw it was available I jumped right on it. I've been to one class and so far it's pretty neat. I want to learn how to dye over already dyed fabrics. It's pretty exciting (it's not just me right?)! I initially was looking for an art class, but the one that peaked my interest was abstract painting and the class had a waiting list longer than the amount of people in the actual class, so that didn't really pan out for me. Next term! This sort of makes me wish I had saved up and went to Parsons like I had once dreamed. Le sigh. One day! 

The Raptors! I was working a bit later than usual on Friday night and ended up scoring 4 tickets to the Raptors game... in the exclusive/ executive/ whatever the fancy section is called. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, beer... oh my! 

I'm watching National Geographic Inside The Milky Way, now. It's blowing my mind. I'm still in bed, feeling mediocre at best.

Come on vitamins... do your thing!  

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