New York, New York - it's a hell of a town!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's been a whirl wind of an adventure this holiday season! I landed in Nashville a few days before Christmas and celebrated in Kentucky. Fun Fact: It was the first time in 17 years Nashville has had a white Christmas! 

Flash forward a week...  I check my flight time to assure it hasn't moved and, ready for this? Cancelled. I call in a panic-- they can't get me on a flight until January 31st. It was the 28th. So I rack my brain thinking of ways to get myself from Nashville to NYC... I finally go for this option:

December 27th at
10:00am- leave Hopkinsville, Kentucky
1:30pm- fly from Nashville to Detroit
5:00pm- Airbus from Detroit to home
8:59pm- By ticket at Greyhound station for 3:20am departure to Toronto

December 28th at
3:20am- leave home for Toronto
6:20am- board bus in Toronto
7:23pm- Arrive at Greyhound station in NYC
8:30pm- Grab (the most expensive cab in the world) to the Upper East Side
8:55pm- Climb 6 flights of stairs to the apartment situated on the top floor of a 6 floor walk up.
9:00pm- Breathe.  2 days of travel and I've made it here, finally!

Since I arrived so late, we decided to grab a typical timed dinner (ie. after 10pm) at Cafeteria. Unreal dinner-- I had the turkey burger loaded with avocado, tomato, and lettuce with fries. Yum! A opted for the MAC ATTACK (3 variations of Mac and Cheese). Since we were already there, we found a hole-in-the-wall bar to grab a drink and ended up singing karaoke with a bunch of business people all night!

Day 2 began a little late... by 11am, we managed to get ourself back outside and took a walk to Sarabeth for brunch. I thought dinner the prior night was great, but today I ordered Crab Cakes and nearly died. So so soooo good! A had Eggs Benedict-- an ideal breakfast/lunch combination!

The rest of the day took on a more photo shoot style:

Coffee. Tea. Wonderful sweets and an entertaining  subway ride with a slightly less attractive (but Mad Men styled) version of Eli Roth.

A typical day in New York City. 


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

                                                                                                           Image found here

Movies That Made The Christmas Movie List (Round 2)

Friday, December 24, 2010

I got a few messages reminding me that I neglected some wonderful Christmas movies last post. I'm not sure how I missed out on these, but I did... I knew my list seemed far too short!

So, here we go again! In no particular order, here is a few of the movies you may (or may not) be watching this holiday season:

CHRISTMAS VACATION! I honestly don't know how I missed this movie... It's a classic!

Love Actually. I watched this movie the other day and I think it's just one of those movies I watch year round, so I forgot that it focuses on the holidays. Regardless, a fantastic film not to be missed this Christmas!

The Holiday. The cast is unreal (it stars Jude Law and James Franco has a cameo umm sold!) and it just leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Another movie I can watch anytime of the year! 

Another forgotten film: Bad Santa. I was reminded of this hilarious Christmas film by one of my favourite Aussie authors, Nick Earls. It's Rude, crude and amazing. What more could you want in a holiday movie? 

Finally, The Santa Claus. It's little more family friendly and a cute movie to throw on while making cookies and drinking (spiked) egg nog*.

*Eggnog is not something I take part in for several reason including, but not limited to, the dairy component, the taste, the texture... maybe I'm missing out?

 Anything I'm missing this time around?

Facebook in Real Life

I recently got a flood of happybirthdaymerrychristmas messages on Facebook. It's the new thing to do. No one e-mails or IMs or calls anymore- it's Facebook messages, wall posts or texts (obviously)!

Either way, thank you for the very lovely messages!

Anyway, I came across this video that someone did with the star of Catfish (a movie that I haven't seen but have read lots about). It's awkward and uncomfortable. A little bit like having a wall-to-wall conversation on Facebook...

Sort of clever though, no? 

A Little Soul Searching, Revisited

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I really enjoyed these questions and I think you might, too. 

I stumbled upon these 50 questions to ponder:

  1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
  2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  3. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
  4. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?
  5. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
  6. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
  7. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?
  8. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
  9. To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?
  10. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
  11. You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire.  They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend.  The criticism is distasteful and unjustified.  What do you do?
  12. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
  13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?
  14. Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?
  15. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
  16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?
  17. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What's holding you back?  
  18. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  19. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
  20. Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
  21. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
  22. Why are you, you?
  23. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
  24. Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?
  25. What are you most grateful for?
  26. Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
  27. Is is possible to know the truth without challenging it first?
  28. Has your greatest fear ever come true?
  29. Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset?  Does it really matter now?
  30. What is your happiest childhood memory?  What makes it so special?
  31. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?
  32. If not now, then when?
  33. If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?
  34. Have you ever been with someone, said nothing, and walked away feeling like you just had the best conversation ever?
  35. Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?
  36. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?
  37. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?
  38. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
  39. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?
  40. When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?
  41. If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?
  42. Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?
  43. What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
  44. When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you know is right?
  45. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?
  46. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  47. When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?
  48. What do you love?  Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?
  49. In 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday?  What about the day before that?  Or the day before that?
  50. Decisions are being made right now.  The question is:  Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?
Hmm... thoughts?

From the Inspiration Files

Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating my non-apartment. A favourite past time of mine...

Do you have any sites you frequent for inspiration?

As per usual, I have no idea where I collected these images from. Please let me know if they are yours so I can link back or give credit where credit is due! 

It's Christmas Time in The City

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I can't believe it's already mid December. Last December 12th, I was on my way to start my summer vacation trip up the east coast of Australia. This year I'm dreading walking tomorrow in a meter of snow... how a year changes everything!

I've been home for a while now and I am definitely in dire need of switching my life up. Nearly 5 months without any substantial travel... who am I? As you can probably imagine, I am pretty excited to take off to Kentucky and then meet up with A in the streets of NYC. Tough life, eh? I can assure you that Stylings of S is going to get a little more exciting (and more travel/ style oriented as originally intended) in 2 short weeks. Photos and stories and videos, oh my! I can barely contain my excitement!

I've also been working on my list of Christmas movies to watch over the holidays in Kentucky. So far, I've got:

1. The Ref- A holiday classic in my family. If you have not seen it, you really should find it. Sarcastic, hilarious and Denis Leary at his best (I think, anyway)!

2. Elf - You've seen it. I'm sure you have. Even if you have a serious hate on for Will Ferrell, you have to love this movie, right?

3. Bell, Book and Candle - You probably have not seen this film. I recently met a diehard movie buff who hadn't even heard of it. It stars James Stewart and Kim Novak and it's wonderfully enchanting! It is also the reason I will name my cat (if I ever have one) Pyewacket.

4. Home alone- A holiday classic! It's hard to believe this movie was made in 1990! Which makes me...  just old enough to remember watching it

Any other movies (traditional or non-traditionally Christmas) on your movie watching list? 

And the snow keeps falling, falling and falling...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday the snow started falling and it hasn't stopped since then. I tried asking the universe to clear up the weather by tonight... Thanks for this, Universe: 

I was hoping for clear weather because I won tickets to see Bryan Greenberg in Toronto at the Mod Club tonight. Of course, due to overwhelming weather and uncleared streets that's not going to happen. Boo

So this is what I suspect I'll be missing tonight:

I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Movie: The Good Guy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life on the job hunt is incredibly ____________ (frustrating boring, difficult, exciting-- you pick!). But alas, I am not giving up hope! Continuously looking, searching, uncovering things I never thought of before... perhaps that's the best bit!

Either way, I'm stuck to my Mac like glue (terrible saying) and have been putting a few things on in the background while I search. I've completed the first season of How to Make it in America - round 2! Fantastic show; makes me want to be back in the City. But I digress: How to Make it stars Bryan Greenberg (whom you can follow on Twitter here)-- he's been in quite a few shows, movies and he's a musician. Talent all around!

I was sifting through his IMDB (just me?) and came across The Good Guy. I've found quite a few new movies that must have come out when I was in Australia, because I've never heard of them. This morning, I decided to give it a go:

And I love it. Where was the advertising for this film? It's got an excellent cast, great story line, good music and a bit of a Garden State feel. Find it, watch it, love it.

It's a Mad Mad World

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been a little MIA lately. I realize that in the blog world it's not allowed...  I'm such an online rebel.

But I'm back... and here's what you missed:

I booked a trip over the holidays to Kentucky (via Nashville). It's where one half of my family resides. I'm excited to have a delicious turkey dinner (and not be freezing) with the family!

Found here

And shh... but I might have got a fantastic gift of a plane ticket somewhere amazing for New Years Eve.


It's nearly December, It's nearly Steph Day and It's nearly the holidays! Any plans? 

Winter Clothes Shopping Fun

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spent the majority of today on the couch. Scratchy throat and a fever... worst. I decided that I couldn't spent the entire day in, so I put on my sweater and scarf and headed to Starbucks for a Caramel Frap (I'm feeling that hot right now) and Winners for a little retail therapy (which, in case you were wondering, does absolutely nothing for a fever...)

I missed out on winter last year, so my cold weather clothing is lacking. I have 2 sweaters (they are actually the same sweater)-- one is now grey-black due to the fact I wore it basically everyday in Australia and the newest one is just this years edition. So, a trip to Winners:

I absolutely love this sweater, but I am absolutely not a size 0. I wish, so dearly, that it fit well. But alas, it did not. 

But the colour! And the style! Why, oh Winners, must you carry the sweater I've been after for so long, in ONE size. Sigh.

I went though all of my clothes about 2 months ago and purged all of my hoodies. Well, all but 2. But those 2 are house-hoodies and shouldn't leave the house-- ever.  So I was in need of a nice-ish, but comfy running to the store sweatshirt. This one I bought:

A great purple colour. Boat-neck style. So so sooooo comfy. SOLD

I'm hoping that perhaps I look at them tomorrow and it makes me feel less feverish and great yet again! Any great sweaters on your list of things to buy this winter season? 

From the Inspiration Files

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's mid November, but feels more like the beginning of Fall. No complaints here, though! I sat outside on the balcony yesterday and read a new novel... when was the last time mid-November you could say that? 

The beautiful night time weather made me long for hot summer nights. Outdoor patios and hanging lights:


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes it  feels like the world is going to end. The sky goes really strange and it's alarmingly bright when it should be getting dark. The other night was one of those nights... but I'm still here, so I guess my prediction of the world ending was incorrect.

This was well into the evening... A little weird, eh?

Weekly Roundup!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Woah, I've missed out on posting a few awesome things over the last week! Let the (sort of quick) recap begin:

First, I won tickets to see Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip) at Music Hall. Big thanks to Swim Drink Fish Music!  

It was pretty trippy- that background was created by Gord in a petri dish and changed nearly every song. Pretty neat!

Then I got a reply from The League on Twitter. Love love loveee The League!

Then finally, my friend BR won tickets to Yuk Yuk's comedy club on the weekend! Tickets for 10 of us... not bad! 

Wins all around! 

Listen to this: Far East Movement Part 2.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My musically inclined (and super talented) friend DT played me the new Far East Movement last night. It's incredible. Lots of collaborations, lots of amazing. I'm pretty sure that Like a G6 was just the beginning of something amazing...

"Tryin' to stay off that TMZ" --  we're clearly dealing with the same issues.

What do you think? Going to get the album?

GUEST BLOGGER: Gesundheit!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's GUEST BLOGGER is Merry from Makeup By Merry.

Is it THAT time of the year already? In the Philippines, we call it the “ber” season (“brrrr” because of the cooler temps and the start of the months ending in –ber).  I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Summer yet. It was an awesome sunshine-filled season this year, and if I could live in Summer all year long, I would!  But I must admit, watching the beautiful changing of the leaves in Toronto, and getting into my Fall knits and boots have gotten me in the mood for the cooler season.

I was just getting into the swing of it all when I found myself in a jammed TTC bus surrounded by lovely people who:

a) Didn’t think anyone would mind if they sneezed or coughed in their hair or faces .
b) Didn’t think anyone would notice that they coughed into their hand (instead of their sleeve).
c) Didn’t know/care that sneezing/coughing  viral mucus into the air would cause millions of droplets to land and consequently spread their cold to others.

Who doesn’t know how cold viruses are spread? Seriously? SERIOUSLY. 

I have been feeling a bit blah lately. And just like that, I now have the sniffles. Just. Like. That... 
Since there’s no actual cure for Rhinovirus (a cold) – I know I just have to do my best to deal with it and try not to spread it to others at home and/or at work. I could think of worse things that could happen, but when you’re a makeup artist (/language Instructor/sales associate) facing your clients with a cold is just perfect. (Insert sarcasm font).

So, before it’s too late for me to give you a few tips on how to help prevent catching the common cold, here are a few pointers:

·       Wash your hands  with hand soap frequently. No, splashing your hands with water for a second DOESN’T count. Grab a couple of paper towels and set aside. Soap up and rub hands, back of hands, fingers and finger tips together as you silently (optional) sing the Alphabet from A-Z, before rinsing,  and use a tissue paper to turn off the faucet. Then dry your hands with the other piece of paper towel and dispose.
·       Carry some Hand Sanitizer with you. There are some really neat (and cute) purse-sized bottles that can be attached to your purse and or key chains like the ones from Purell and Bath & Body.

 Holders are only $1 and hand sanitizers $2-3 each!
·      DO bring some soft 2-3 ply tissues and use and dispose of them properly. DON’T leave used tissues    lying around.
·      DO sneeze into your sleeve if or when you can’t get your tissue out on time to protect others from showering in your mucus droplets!

       DO invest in a purse hanger ($1-12 each) to prevent “Bagteria” by not placing your purse down on the  floor (in washrooms, in the office, on the floor of the car etc) anywhere and everywhere you go and then bringing the purse back onto your desk, home - onto your sofa or kitchen counter! Treat your purse the same way as your shoes and leave it at the door or on a hook whenever possible. Studies show that women can pick up nasty harmful bacteria (salmonella, e-coli etc) on their purses. I got my first purse hanger from Brazil from a close friend, but I’ve since seen a few other really fashionable ones in Indigo/Chapters, and at the purse section at The Bay. They make good gift and giveaway ideas too!).
·       Stay healthy: Exercise and a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is key. If you’re already feeling a bit under the weather – Nip it in the bud and hit it with everything you have! Natural antioxidants can be found in food like: berries, guava, oranges, mangos, garlic, broccoli... and a drop of Oregano oil under the tongue once a day can help boost your immune system.
·    Don’t forget your Vitamins!  I also take Echinacea tablets known for its immune boosting properties daily as a natural supplement. Remember to consult your Doctor before taking any new medication or supplements!).
Invest in a Neti Pot (nasal bidet). An ancient Ayurvedic  nasal and sinus irrigation device. It sounds strange but it really doesn’t hurt and only takes a couple of minutes to gently lean forward and flush out your nasal passages of dust, pollen, mucus etc..using a small pot with a spout. I bought mine for under $20 from Shoppers. You fill it with 8ml with water to make a saline solution with some pre sachet mixture of sodium bicarbonate and pH balanced sodium chloride.
·    And if you still end up with a cold and need to look your best... Keep makeup light and remember to moisturize skin and lips well.  

A   Yellow-based concealer like this one from Tarte cosmetics, said to help de-puff and brighten under eye  circles, to banish dark circles and redness around the nose, set with translucent setting powder, groomed brows (instant face lift) and a coat or two of mascara, crème blush to add a healthy glow on the cheeks and pop of color on the lips (even if you’re not usually a lips girl) can help brighten up the face and draw
attention from watery sunken or in my case, puffy eyes.  Try Stilla’s multi purpose compact or NARS multiple sticks!

... *sighhhhhhh* 

Stay Healthy and Gorgeous. I gotta go wash my hands again and go to bed

Merry (

Stylings of S is always looking for fresh perspectives. If you want to contribute contact S!

In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perhaps it's just me, but lately I've found quite a bit of Star Wars things popping up around the internet.

Like this video:

Then Vanity Fair did a great piece on behind the scenes photos, too! Check those here.

And if you haven't yet, check out where I guest blogged about a fantastic R2D2 inspired swimsuit.

Am I missing something? What's with all the Star Wars references?


Bio: Shondra Walker is the author of Walk With Me; a blog that provides a glimpse into her life, along with parenting tips, recipes, and green living ideas. Just a few years ago, she was living the college life. She never thought about cooking or raising kids. Now, she is married to the coolest guy she knows and learning to be a wife and mom. Join her or follow her on Twitter at: @Shondra_W

Green Up Halloween

I can hardly believe that Halloween is less than a week away. It seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to the beginning of summer.  Halloween can be a lot of fun. Parties, trick or treating, chocolate, and costumes are just a few of the highlights. But with a lot of fun comes a lot of waste.

Photo Courtesy of flickr user PT

Check out these stats:

-According to the US Census, 36 million children between the ages of 5-14 were expected to trick-or-treat in 2009. 
 -111.3 million houses and apartments served as potential stops for trick-or-treaters. 
 -931 million pounds of pumpkins were produced in 2009 in the United States alone, with Illinois leading the pack and producing 429 million pounds. 
-In 2008, there were 1,317 manufacturing businesses which produced chocolate and cocoa products. 
-On average, each American consumed a whopping total of 24.3 pounds of candy in 2008.

All of that Halloween candy, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes produce a lot of waste, including wrappers, party decorations, costumes, and jack-o-lanterns that are left to rot on porches long after the festivities have ended. 

Do you want to do your part to lower the negative environmental impact caused on Halloween? 

Photo Courtesy of flickr user J Clark

Here are a few tips to reduce your Halloween waste:

1). Do not buy one-time use Halloween decorations. Buy decorations that you can keep and use year after year.  In addition to reducing waste, you'll save money. When you become tired of your current decorations, see if family and friends want to swap decorations.  And if you are having a party, use reusable plates and silverware.  Have friends toss their plates in the dishwasher instead of the trash. 

2). Ditch the car. Choose to walk the neighborhood instead of driving all over town to trick-or-treat. If your neighborhood isn't conducive to trick-or-treating (or all the good candy is across town), drive the car to one spot, park it, and then walk. 

3). Choose candy wrapped in paper instead of plastic. Eliminating the amount of plastic being used will go a long way in lowering the environmental impact that happens on Halloween night. 

4). Use reusable canvas bags. Instead of giving your kids plastic pumpkins to gather their candy, use a reusable bag. Canvas bags can be purchased at art stores and then decorated.  Those cheap baskets usually break anyway.

5).  Reuse or repurpose costumes. Instead of buying a costume or making a new one from scratch, see if your child can reuse a costume (perhaps their older brother's) or repurpose it. 

These are just a few actions we can take to green up Halloween. I'd love to hear what suggestions you have! 

From the Inspiration Files

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Inspiration Files appear to have a common theme: lots of white with pops of colour! This weeks inspiration doesn't seem to stray much from that, either! 

Do you have any sites you frequent for inspiration?

As per usual, I have no idea where I collected these images from. Please let me know if they are yours so I can link back or give credit where credit is due! 

Listen to this: MSTRKRFT

I have very few regrets in life, but missing out on MSTRKRFT play in Byron Bay is one of them. A few of my Icelandic friends we're going and for some (now unknown) reason, I didn't go. Bad call on my part.

Prior to the invite, one of the guys filled my external drive with more music than any iPod I own could handle... Including this song:

It resonated with me at the time. And for some reason it makes me happy and sort of sad all at the same time. Fantastic song, even better lyrics and a great video, too! You can watch it here (it's been disabled for posting).

Anything amazing on your playlist that should be apart of "Listen to this:________"?

Just In Time For Hallowe'en

Saturday, October 23, 2010

As per usual I am unprepared for Hallowe'en! Last year I went as a flapper girl (costume decision was made about 20 minutes prior to leaving for a house party in Surfers), the year before that I went as Marilyn Monroe and previous to that... I can't even remember! This year, I'm thinking Where's Waldo(ette). Striped red and white shirt, glasses. I can do that! 

So today I got in the hallowe'en spirit and instead of going pink and red for my nails- I opted OPI Ink! It's blue, purple and a pink sparkle!

A little darker than I would normally opt for, but it's pretty, eh?

This colour also really reminds me of the new M.A.C Villians line. It's fantastic and limited edition so I recommend you get to either The Bay or a M.A.C store ASAP before it's gone... forever.  

For my Canadian readers (and those that have been to this glorious country), you'll know these delicious doughnuts. Sprinkle HALLOWE'EN doughnuts!

Can't wait to see the inventive costumes this year. People never fail to amaze me! What are you going to be? 

Song of the day

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New jam:

Hey Four Eyes!

I don't wear my glasses nearly as often as I should (which is when I'm on the computer or watching TV or other activities that strain my eyes...) so I've decided that I'm going to rock the glasses far more often.

Tiger glasses... geeky or cool?

Update: This is far more accurate...

In a Willy Wonka Life

Friday, October 15, 2010

Willy Wonka (found here )

For once in (what feels like) a super long time, I have Friday off! Let me tell you: I love Fridays off! In fact, back when I was at home, prior to Europe/ Australia, No Work Fridays were all the rage with me and my friend NL. Back then I was also working Monday-Thursday full time and getting paid for a full weeks work...

But I digress. Fridays off leaves time for catching up with fellow non-career working friends. A Starbucks chat with SB, seeing some television shows I've missed over the last few weeks and the chance to see what's happening on Facebook/ Twitter. It's the last bit that lead me to this fantastic article posted to AK's Twitter page: "Willy Wonka Chewing Gum becomes a Reality". A three course meal in the form of gum. Sounds pretty disgusting, doesn't it?

Hmm...The new fad diet? A delicious way to enjoy all your favourite foods in one go? Will you try it?

I think I'll pass (I say this now, but I'm pretty sure I passed on lots of things including Facebook, but alas...)

This whole "work" thing...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm rethinking this whole work thing. Perhaps I'm more suited to a life spent beachside. 

Bondi beachside it is...

Twitter. #blogchat. You.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes I stumble upon some interesting things online--facts, stories, ideas... These are the main reason I love Twitter. Say what you will about the microblogging site-- it does actually provide information more pertinent than, say, "Eating grilled cheese and watching tv" (because what you're eating is so very important to us all). Don't get me wrong, I'm sure at some point I've posted my delicious meal of the day, in fact, I've blogged about some of my favourite meals- but what I'm getting at is that Twitter is a great outlet for real information.

My fellow bloggers may (or may not) know about #blogchat-- a Sunday evening chat via Twitter that brings together a massive amount of bloggers from all over the world responding to, or answering questions posted by other Tweeters-- all surrounding a main topic.  This evenings overall topic was "creating compelling content in blogs".

In this crazy 20 posts every few seconds hashtag frenzy, some interesting things came up...

Like a study on Social media and narcissism in young people. (hmm I have a personal blog...)

And did you know Pharrell Williams has a blog for young people called Kidult ? I didn't either.... now you know!

If you have any interest in blogging or just want to attempt to read about 5,000 tweets in a few hours- hop on Twitter!

#blogchat on Twitter happens every Sunday at 10pm (my time) and it's a wealth of blogging information (the brainchild of Mack Collier ) and anyone is invite to join, read, respond, read the transcript .

Will anyone be joining in next week?

Where did that week go?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This photo is completely unrelated. I found it today in my iPhoto and I really liked it. 

I blinked and the week went by. Wasn't it Sunday a few days ago? I sort of hate when that happens... It makes me want to be doing something much more productive with my time. Challenging work, perhaps?

Anyway, I've decided to start volunteering again. I've typically done some sort of volunteering-- in Australia it was with The Argus - an online photojournalsim paper run by the super talented students at Griffith University in the Gold Coast. The site is definitely worth a look!

This week it is for a St. Joe's Veterans Fundraiser. Workin' the bidding items table-- oh yeahh! It's something and perhaps it will line me up with some of the right people. I'd like a real job soon, please.

What do you do with your spare time?

One of these things

Monday, September 27, 2010 not like the other!

I couldn't resist. Family Guy just started again for something like it's 9th season and in honour of it, I recreated the Stewie Griffin lemon head! 

Like that old saying says: "when life gives you lemons..."

Sunday Funday: Beach & Dinner

If I have a day off work, it's typically Sunday (which works extremely well for me!) It means Saturday night can be whatever happens and there's no guilt factor about dragging my tired, possibly hungover self into work! It's a Win/ Win situation!

This Sunday, like last Sunday brought me to the beach! This time Port Stanley, though. I picked it because it houses my favourite fry shop in all the world, Mackies. Yum yum yum! If you come to visit me, I can almost guarantee you, you'll be enjoying these fries and the Orange drink!

The day was lovely-- part sunny, part cloudy! I didn't make it back to town in time to see DT's band play downtown... by the time I made it there, there was 2 old men playing guitar... not quite Staylefish! 

The evening concluded with a fantastic dinner with KP parents- Short ribs, mashed potatoes, beans, wine and a delicious peach/ raspberry pie for desert. (Side note: If you happen to talk to KP, we had a terrible dinner of mushrooms stuffed with awful tasting tomatoes, and this really gross blue cheese)

Pretty fantastic day, if you ask me! 

And Make The World A Better Place...

What motivates you?

From the lovely Joe @ hitREcord 

I'm Currently Digging: Jack Johnson

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've seen Jack Johnson twice now. Once at home (with A)  and once when I was off on my post grad/ vacation adventures (with T, H, J & D) . Anyway, he puts on a fantastic live show and he plays the classics-- I mean, just because you have a new album out, doesn't mean we want to hear it all (right?). I've been waiting for another catchy tune and I think this one is going to do the trick!

May I present Jack Johnson and Andy Samberg:

Not bad, eh?

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