The First Podcast

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the Not So Mad Men podcast (hosted by two great guys at BridgeCom Media). I'll admit, I was worried/nervous/scared. Does anyone like hearing their own voice? I put my worries aside, went in to the office, sat down and we talked for nearly 45 minutes... go figure!

We covered a variety of topics, but the best bit was definitely our discussion on social media disasters.  Here's the final product:

Tis the season... to send cards.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Every year I have grand plans to physically mail Christmas cards, yet I don't remember the last time I actually mailed anything. It sounds good though, doesn't it? It's almost December 1st and I have yet to purchase cards OR ask for people's updated addresses, so it's looking like it might be the digital version again this year.

I've also been deep into the Holiday Card creation for my 9-5. Brainstorm sessions, photoshoots, meetings...  Next week I'll be able to post the greatest holiday e-card of all time, but until then, here's a round up of a few cute cards I've come across in the research:

Buy it here

Buy it here

This is my favourite holiday card. Just everything about it makes me smile.

Where do I even buy stamps?

Vegas, baby!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've wanted to visit Vegas since watching both Swingers and Vegas Vacation many many years ago. Finally, I had a few days off work and booked myself a ticket. 

We explored nearly every hotel on the strip, stopping for some very touristy photos. Including, but not limited to:

An outdoor ice rink in Vegas! 

While I'm sure the people sitting around me didn't love that I was singing all the songs softly, I completely enjoyed LOVE!

What's a tourist-y trip without throwing rocks in the local canyon?

A self-reminder: Downtown Vegas is NOT the Strip.

 The Hoover Dam was amazing. So much concrete. And memories of Vegas Vacation. Where can I get some damn bait?

Oh course I had to stop at the Vegas sign. There's always so many people around!

This isn't the right song, but it was still just as beautiful. And stunning at night, too. 

And there it is. From the top of Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas is crazy.

When am I going back?

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