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Monday, September 27, 2010 not like the other!

I couldn't resist. Family Guy just started again for something like it's 9th season and in honour of it, I recreated the Stewie Griffin lemon head! 

Like that old saying says: "when life gives you lemons..."

Sunday Funday: Beach & Dinner

If I have a day off work, it's typically Sunday (which works extremely well for me!) It means Saturday night can be whatever happens and there's no guilt factor about dragging my tired, possibly hungover self into work! It's a Win/ Win situation!

This Sunday, like last Sunday brought me to the beach! This time Port Stanley, though. I picked it because it houses my favourite fry shop in all the world, Mackies. Yum yum yum! If you come to visit me, I can almost guarantee you, you'll be enjoying these fries and the Orange drink!

The day was lovely-- part sunny, part cloudy! I didn't make it back to town in time to see DT's band play downtown... by the time I made it there, there was 2 old men playing guitar... not quite Staylefish! 

The evening concluded with a fantastic dinner with KP parents- Short ribs, mashed potatoes, beans, wine and a delicious peach/ raspberry pie for desert. (Side note: If you happen to talk to KP, we had a terrible dinner of mushrooms stuffed with awful tasting tomatoes, and this really gross blue cheese)

Pretty fantastic day, if you ask me! 

And Make The World A Better Place...

What motivates you?

From the lovely Joe @ hitREcord 

I'm Currently Digging: Jack Johnson

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've seen Jack Johnson twice now. Once at home (with A)  and once when I was off on my post grad/ vacation adventures (with T, H, J & D) . Anyway, he puts on a fantastic live show and he plays the classics-- I mean, just because you have a new album out, doesn't mean we want to hear it all (right?). I've been waiting for another catchy tune and I think this one is going to do the trick!

May I present Jack Johnson and Andy Samberg:

Not bad, eh?

It's back bitchesssss!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantastic photo found here

I've written about this show before. I love it. I love it a lot.... and if you like me, you'll likely like it, too!

It's Always Sunny. New Season. Tonight!

And while you're at it, Glenn Howerton listed his favourite episodes here. But really, how could you choose? 

A Day In The Life

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday started off gloomy, a bit rainy and overall blah. But around noon it took a turn for the most amazing and helllllo sunshine! There was absolutely no chance I was staying in on a Sunday when it's my day off work!

I took this opportunity to hit the road to Bayfield:

First stop: Black Dog Pub. How perfect is this place? I sort of want to sneak in a picture of my old dog, Chuck... I bet they wouldn't notice!

I've missed the art scene a lot lately. I have 4 canvases sitting in my room still completely blank. Must change that soon! Anyway, this is an art studio in downtown Bayfeild:

I've also missed the beach a lot. I'm having some post travel blues-- when was the last time I was in the same area for several months? It's no Surfers, but it'll do!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I know, I really do love shoes. 

Do you see what I see?:

It's what I needed. Calm before the working-six-days-in-a-row storm! 

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