I'm ready for the summertime

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's family day in this great province and with the unseasonably lovely weather, the long weekend seemed even better. MC and I decided to wander around the city exploring. We headed near the water and came across this 'beach'. It's no ocean beach, in fact it's not even a lake beach but it was spectacular. 

I long for the summer. I can already picture beach chairs and coolers in the court yard. Is it June yet?

I also caught up with an old University friend that sent me this song. His DJing puts him in tune with some sweet songs and this is currently one of my favs:

Trip to Venice Beach soon, please. 

February, 2012 (Oh, What a Night)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday night started in a cab jetting from Trinity Bellwoods to Roncesvalle with AK to take a few photographs for her latest venture. I spent the beginning of the evening enjoying several delicious cocktails at The Westerly—the first, a half tart, half sweet blood orange concoction (the owners suggestion) and the second, a glass of Pim’s Cup (which will forever remind me of JB) and soaking in the New York- like vibe. A few photographs and about 3 hours later, it was back to reality and a walk to the Queen St. streetcar.

I’ve been venturing past my 7 block radius much more as of late. It’s easy to stick in this area. There's lots of shops, great food and work is right there (I can almost see it from where I am sitting). So, after an invitation to the other side of the world (ok, it was to Bier Markt on the Esplanade) it was back to the street car at 10pm. We arrived to find that none of the friends that were supposed to be there actually went. Let the random night commence: new friends, old friends, dance parties and beer (or is it bier?). 3:11am street car home.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day (4am bedtime has never really worked out that well for me.) Saturday night made up for what I didn't do during the day. MC, AK and I headed to Yours Truly for dinner without reservations hoping to snag a few seats at the communal table. We ended up at BQM (an Ossington staple) for burgers instead. We rushed to The Mod Club for 8pm to see our friend CB in the band The Set play. A great show, a very small amount of dancing (the kids these days don’t dance at pop-rock-punk shows anymore, I guess) and one drink later we headed to Crawford on College. Greatest DJ, ever.

I strolled home at midnight, thinking it would be an early night but after a text from AM (who is rarely in the city) I managed to pull my tired self out of my bed and walk over to Bovine Sex Club (note: this is not a typical dancing club nor a place to have sex… that I was witness to anyway) for a drink with AM and his buddy. I have walked by this place everyday since moving to my new place and thought it looked like a shady bar with weird stuff hanging off the outside (it is). We then walked to The Horseshoe, another Queen W. “staple” that looks super shady and that I have never been to. After lots of stories and a random encounter with a band member that recognized AM from Hollywood (sorry, who are you?) we made a last minute trip to the newest Hero Burger (open 24 hours!) and a walked home at 3:30am. Another (great) late night.

This finally brings us to Sunday (this weekend has been splendidly long and hence the Oh What A Night title choice) which included some story editing at Starbucks and another streetcar/ subway combo to make it up to Younge and Eglinton for a Second City comedy class comedy show. It was very funny and I’m completely impressed that they all did so well. I fear mine would like a little like Dee from It's Always Sunny

I think I spent all of my money going back and forth on some form of TTC transportation this weekend. Perhaps I should have splurged for a transit pass this month? Tomorrow is Family Day(!) in Ontario and I will be celebrating Monday by sleeping in, eating the banana bread that is currently in the oven, finishing A Good Year, starting The Hunger Games and going on a mini-walking adventure around the (what I imagine will be) closed city. Every weekend I love this city more and more.

Adventure time!

Get on your dancing shoes...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I came across the Dancing Plague of 1518 tumblr a few days ago and I think it's safe to say that I am obsessed.

My personal favourites from the collection:

I want these for my wall!

Ghost Chairs (What Chairs?)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The joys of having your birthday and Christmas/ the holiday season fall around the same time is that you get 'joint' gifts. I used to hate (hate in the dramatic child-like 'I hatteeee this' kind of way) it. Now I see the benefits!  Cue, my new happybirthdaymerrychristmas chairs:

Wait...what chairs? (If you're thinking that's a dad joke, you're very much correct.)

I have been coveting these chairs for ages. They are in all the shops along Queen W (right outside my door) but I hadn't had a chance to take my happybirthdaymerrychristmas money to the store. Last weekend, I went for it. I paid, and carried them myself down Queen St. W. Surely I should have asked if they did home delivery but I was too excited to wait.

I have never spent so much time in my 'kitchen area' (this is funny because my apartment is about the size of a child's shoebox). I love them. A lot. And, look at this:

If they're good enough for Blair Waldorf, they're good enough for this 'dorff!

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