Sleep Through the Static

Monday, August 4, 2008

I think I am in heaven!!!! I am about 90% recovered from the Jack Johnson show (we didn't leave the venue until about 1:30am, and hit Pickering at 4:30am... totally worth it all-- but I am still so tired as my sleep count is about at 4 hours today)

Anyway, the show was amazing! We arrive just before 4 at Burl's Creek (the venue) and got into a huge convoy of cars heading to the parking lot. Within 30 mins we were parked and ready to get in. After weaving though the lines, we got in and set up camp. Literally. We had towels and blankets and were ready to sit in the hot sun for a few hours as we waited for the show to start. After a few bathroom breaks, re-filling water bottles, a little walking around and a lot of sitting in the sun, the first of 3 opening guys came on. Jack (as everyone called him) had three opening guys that were pretty good (they started at 6 and went to just before 9 with not too much wait time in between). It was 9pm before I even realized and to be honest, I can't even remember which song he opened with. All I can remember thinking is "OMFG, I am seeing JACK JOHNSON LIVE".Amazing. The crowd was loving it and he was loving us back. He played some oldies and lots of new songs off his latest album Sleep Through the Static. I made sure to get a bit of Sitting, Waiting, Wishing on video along with Banana Pancakes (one of my favourite songs of his-- and also my cell phone ring!) and a couple others that are escaping my mind right now! Lots of songs (nearly 2 hours) countless pictures and several videos later, Jack was done and we were herded (like sheep) back to the car. This part from the time the show ended took from about 11-2:00am. Try getting thousands of people out of ONE exit. FUN! We cranked the radio and belted songs to the cars around us with songs by Elton John and basically anything else that came on. I think only one guy really liked it, but whatever, they should be chill. THEY JUST CAME FROM SEEING JACK JOHNSON! We narrowly escaped a verbal fight (thanks Anna) and witnessed a great "it's 1:00am we we're still stuck in the same spot we've been in since 11am" verbal argument. It was great.

All and all an amazing show. I totally missed N not being there, but if Jack comes back to Toronto and I'm around-- we'll go, and I'll hold on to the ticket. :)

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