Surfers Night Markets

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every Wednesday (and some Fridays, but I'm still not sure which ones) Surfers puts on night markets. It's basically like every other market- stalls full of crap that you don't really need, but because (if you're in Surfers) you're probably on vacation you'll buy it. It's a genius concept, really. Wish I had thought of it myself.

They are doing mass construction off Cavill Ave in Surfers. Brand new buildings, a new "face" of Surfers and other stuff that cuts off my access of walking path's along the beach (not sure what's happening there) so now the markets are literally out my door (I can see them from my window). I've been wanting to take pictures for a while and finally made my way the 100 steps from my apartment door, down the stairs and to the street and got a couple that I like:

Heaps of people were here this evening. More than I remember there being last week-- must be more tourists because of the long weekend...

I just love how these look hanging outside every week. They are not at all practical for indoor use unless you have outlets in the ceiling, but they look neat against the dark night sky. 

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