Winter Clothes Shopping Fun

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spent the majority of today on the couch. Scratchy throat and a fever... worst. I decided that I couldn't spent the entire day in, so I put on my sweater and scarf and headed to Starbucks for a Caramel Frap (I'm feeling that hot right now) and Winners for a little retail therapy (which, in case you were wondering, does absolutely nothing for a fever...)

I missed out on winter last year, so my cold weather clothing is lacking. I have 2 sweaters (they are actually the same sweater)-- one is now grey-black due to the fact I wore it basically everyday in Australia and the newest one is just this years edition. So, a trip to Winners:

I absolutely love this sweater, but I am absolutely not a size 0. I wish, so dearly, that it fit well. But alas, it did not. 

But the colour! And the style! Why, oh Winners, must you carry the sweater I've been after for so long, in ONE size. Sigh.

I went though all of my clothes about 2 months ago and purged all of my hoodies. Well, all but 2. But those 2 are house-hoodies and shouldn't leave the house-- ever.  So I was in need of a nice-ish, but comfy running to the store sweatshirt. This one I bought:

A great purple colour. Boat-neck style. So so sooooo comfy. SOLD

I'm hoping that perhaps I look at them tomorrow and it makes me feel less feverish and great yet again! Any great sweaters on your list of things to buy this winter season? 

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