Tulip Festival

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love May 2-4. It's sort of like the official start to summer and the beginning of (hopefully) amazing hot weather. It's been raining for the past week and finally(!) let up on Saturday. So much, in fact, I (the one that rarely tans and barely had any colour from a year in Australia) got a tan. Well, perhaps more of a burn-tan, but close enough for my liking. 

So, Saturday I ended up spending the day getting food at my new favourite lunch stop (made on the spot, Italian sandwiches) and stopping by the Tulip Fesitval with J & F. I had told *Shopgirl that I would do a post on my favourite summer dress for her blog, so I seized the opportunity and had a mini photoshoot in the park with the guys.

Of course, the man with children walked into my favourite photo. 

Animal bits. Perhaps of the water-bear kind?

Being sills. 

The shoes which, for some reason, I did not get an outdoor picture of...

Alley way full of the most wonderful shops.

I'm not sold on this city in the winter. It's cold, bland and no one leaves their houses (err, me, anyway). But in the summer, it becomes this picture perfect place where everyone go outside and walks around and it's just really nice most of the time. I can deal with the summer here, for sure. 

Summer, please never end.

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