The season of gifting (and other stories)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've been haphazardly posting these last few months. Pinky swear they will be coming much more frequently (pending my 'borrowed' internet doesn't cut out) in the next little while. 

Even though I mentioned I was finally settled, turns out I'm still missing a few key things like a way to change my front hall closet light... and maybe some light bulbs and tongs that don't melt when you put them in hot oil (oops). Other than that, I'm basically set. It feels so good!

This past weekend I was out looking for 2 important gifts (for my little sisters)-- you'd think they'd be easy to buy for, but they are not. I've come up with a few great ideas, but I still haven't purchased them. Last minute shopper, indeed. But I did stop into the Gap and managed to score these sweet boots:

Sincere apologies for the horrific BB quality of these photos lately (the boots shot included), my camera is out of batteries and I haven't re-charged them yet. But I digress-- these were on the 40% off sale, and were already on sale, so I ended up with beautiful boots for very little. Happy Birthday to me!

Cleaning supplies and vitamins aside, I only bought myself one other gift-- a birthdaynewsyears dress! This crazy, tight, black with mesh dress... with fringe. Unreal.

It's like Morticia Addams meets a Pterodactyl and I love it. So. Much. Fringe. Oh, and a crown. Because I'm a true believer that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can always wear a crown on your birthday.

So this is the week-- the final week before I really really need to buy those presents. Online shopping for gifts commences in ...5...4...3...2...1

 Why am I so late minute this year? Just me? 

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