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Sunday, November 29, 2009

After spending the last 5 months in Australia, I've decided to start snapping my hot hot heat inspired clothing choices! Some are a little boring (sometimes a tee and shorts have to suffice) and some are more suited to the cold Canadian climate (it's hard to let go!)... but they will always be fun!


It's a bit strange celebrating the Christmas season sans snow (Christmas in the middle of summer?). Last week my flatmates and I did a little photoshoot at our local beach for Christmas! These are for those that are stuck in the cold...

Hot Red Shirt: Borrowed for the shoot, Witchery
Polka-dot baby blue Shorts: Surf shop sale bin $20, Insight
Sunnies: $3, JYSK 
Santa Hat: Laura & Alex's Chrissy Collection

and this one was just for fun... 

Happy Holidays! 

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