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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday started off gloomy, a bit rainy and overall blah. But around noon it took a turn for the most amazing and helllllo sunshine! There was absolutely no chance I was staying in on a Sunday when it's my day off work!

I took this opportunity to hit the road to Bayfield:

First stop: Black Dog Pub. How perfect is this place? I sort of want to sneak in a picture of my old dog, Chuck... I bet they wouldn't notice!

I've missed the art scene a lot lately. I have 4 canvases sitting in my room still completely blank. Must change that soon! Anyway, this is an art studio in downtown Bayfeild:

I've also missed the beach a lot. I'm having some post travel blues-- when was the last time I was in the same area for several months? It's no Surfers, but it'll do!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I know, I really do love shoes. 

Do you see what I see?:

It's what I needed. Calm before the working-six-days-in-a-row storm! 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the flats... I'm addicted right now. (I just bought the cutest animal print ones. I'm dying. haha)


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