It's Christmas Time in The City

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I can't believe it's already mid December. Last December 12th, I was on my way to start my summer vacation trip up the east coast of Australia. This year I'm dreading walking tomorrow in a meter of snow... how a year changes everything!

I've been home for a while now and I am definitely in dire need of switching my life up. Nearly 5 months without any substantial travel... who am I? As you can probably imagine, I am pretty excited to take off to Kentucky and then meet up with A in the streets of NYC. Tough life, eh? I can assure you that Stylings of S is going to get a little more exciting (and more travel/ style oriented as originally intended) in 2 short weeks. Photos and stories and videos, oh my! I can barely contain my excitement!

I've also been working on my list of Christmas movies to watch over the holidays in Kentucky. So far, I've got:

1. The Ref- A holiday classic in my family. If you have not seen it, you really should find it. Sarcastic, hilarious and Denis Leary at his best (I think, anyway)!

2. Elf - You've seen it. I'm sure you have. Even if you have a serious hate on for Will Ferrell, you have to love this movie, right?

3. Bell, Book and Candle - You probably have not seen this film. I recently met a diehard movie buff who hadn't even heard of it. It stars James Stewart and Kim Novak and it's wonderfully enchanting! It is also the reason I will name my cat (if I ever have one) Pyewacket.

4. Home alone- A holiday classic! It's hard to believe this movie was made in 1990! Which makes me...  just old enough to remember watching it

Any other movies (traditional or non-traditionally Christmas) on your movie watching list? 

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  1. LOVE ACTUALLY!!!! We should all watch it together when I'm home :)

    see you soooon!!!!


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