Movies That Made The Christmas Movie List (Round 2)

Friday, December 24, 2010

I got a few messages reminding me that I neglected some wonderful Christmas movies last post. I'm not sure how I missed out on these, but I did... I knew my list seemed far too short!

So, here we go again! In no particular order, here is a few of the movies you may (or may not) be watching this holiday season:

CHRISTMAS VACATION! I honestly don't know how I missed this movie... It's a classic!

Love Actually. I watched this movie the other day and I think it's just one of those movies I watch year round, so I forgot that it focuses on the holidays. Regardless, a fantastic film not to be missed this Christmas!

The Holiday. The cast is unreal (it stars Jude Law and James Franco has a cameo umm sold!) and it just leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Another movie I can watch anytime of the year! 

Another forgotten film: Bad Santa. I was reminded of this hilarious Christmas film by one of my favourite Aussie authors, Nick Earls. It's Rude, crude and amazing. What more could you want in a holiday movie? 

Finally, The Santa Claus. It's little more family friendly and a cute movie to throw on while making cookies and drinking (spiked) egg nog*.

*Eggnog is not something I take part in for several reason including, but not limited to, the dairy component, the taste, the texture... maybe I'm missing out?

 Anything I'm missing this time around?

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