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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's been a while and I had yet to actually get into this blogging thing. Don't get me wrong, I spend a disgusting amount of time looking at OTHER people's (mainly celebrity) blogs... so I figured I would start one myself and maybe (slowly) get myself off knowing every move of every celebrity (or maybe not!). I have also determined that it is the perfect procrastination tool, and with 4 weeks left to go of my University career, what would be more enjoyable than starting a blog and not writing my 5 papers, 2 assignments and 1 presentation? I can't think of anything else either.

Since I'm so new as this game I'm not entirely sure what to post or what not to post... but I'll give it a whirl...

The Fashion (School) Aspect:

I have been looking into this amazing program at Parsons in NYC (Project Runway, anyone?) in Fashion Marketing (I've put the link below). It can be condensed into a year program and it basically goes over every aspect of Fashion Marketing (including, if I am correct, a placement). What is holding me back from applying (well, actually 2 things) are 1. I'm heading off to Australia next Feb. for teachers College and 2. I found some cost estimates and with living expenses (remember it's in NYC) and school it would be $50,000 for a YEAR! That is basically what I paid for 4 years, actually it might be more! So either I need to re-evaluate what I want to do, start saving, or marry very rich! :)

So, a part of me really wants to attend when I get back from Teacher's College... but I guess that is (what feels like) a million years away!

Feel free to contact me if you know anything about the program, or have attended, or just love fashion!

School Part 2: Australia

I just mentioned that I am off to Australia for Teacher's College in February which is pretty exciting! I've been accepted into Deakin Uni so far and am anxiously awaiting the responses from 4 other schools. Right now my top choice is Wollongong! It looks beautiful, is close to Sydney and the Uni looks like it has a great life!!

I guess there is not much more to say about that until I hear back from some more and accept my acceptance to one of the schools! (eek) School is good. I'm not sure I'm ready for real life yet!

In Other School-ish Related News:

In less than 2 weeks I have to do a speech in front of my fellow graduating class during a dinner which I am completely scared about-- yet very very excited to do it! I think I might post it once the final draft has been completed. So far it goes a little something like this: _____________________________________ ... (I guess I should start writing that!)

The "Because School is Boring, let's get back to Fashion" Part:

I hit up Forever 21 over the weekend in Toronto. To be honest, it has NOTHING on the NYC version. The Toronto store had very few sales (I picked up this divine off-white knee length coat for less than $20 last Christmas in one of the Manhattan stores) but the clothes they had were super colourful and fun! I only tried on a few things (as I had decided to take my entire life in my bag and was tired of toting it around) and I didn't end up getting any clothes but I did find this amazing (as soon as I find out how to post pictures I will put it up) necklace for $2, a turquoise cocktail ring for $6 and a super fun plastic flower ring for $5! WHAT A STEAL! They look great on, too!

H&M (I'm on a student budget, if you can't already tell) also had some GREAT clothes! There was a perfect BRIGHT yellow Spring coat with a big collar neck and black buttons that I really should have tired on... it was amazing! But with my lack of self control when it comes to pretty coats I had to back away slowly and exit the Eaton Centre... next time!

A few other (surprising) places for you to check out if you haven't already:
Joe Fresh (at the Super Store)-- Buying your clothes at the's a weird concept, I know! But I've picked up some great tee's ($8) and a sweet and pretty spring coat for $20! It's worth taking a look!

Now, it totally depends on your city, but mine has a few great stores than sell higher-end fun clothes and occasionally (like after Christmas, or during the Spring time) they have massive 50-75% off sales which I always manage to get to! It's the perfect time to pick up a pair of pants, that $80 tee's or that jacket that was $300! (Splurge a little--- how can you not when you're getting such a great deal!). My suggestion would be to ask around if you can't seem to find the sales! (Or get on a mailing list... I subscribe to one that lets me know when the entire downtown is having a side-walk sale!)

Spring is definitely my favourite time of year. Right now I'm pretty tired of the bland cold weather and everything being grey. I can't wait for the spring rain and the pretty colours which will be here before we know it!!
Until next time,

*UPDATE: I landed up in Australia, but for a Masters and not teachers college
... thank god. 

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