There's a new store in town!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I went to this amazing downtown restaurant last night that make the most amazing, mouth watering, delicious sweet potato frites you will ever find... and pulled pork (ahhh, heavenly). If you haven't had that combination of food and meat is your thing, you need to try it because it is perfect--unhealthy, but so good! Anyway, it was insanely busy last night and we had terrible service but I can't help but love it. Is that bad? AND they didn't do Earth Hour which I thought was a little weird... I turned out my lights (did you?)

Because its that time of year where there is more things due than one person could ever type, my housemate D brought me a bouncy ball. Have you played with a bouncy ball since you were 8? Me neither, but its surprisingly fun and was able temporary able to clear my mind of all my essays and such. It totally makes me think of The Great Escape (one of my favourite movies) and the "coolah"... I guess you have to see the movie to know what I'm talking about!

Oh, this new store opened downtown with some of the prettiest clothes I have seen in a long time! I think tomorrow I'm going to take a break from all this stuff I'm working on and see if I can pick up a summer dress or a top for work! eeeek... so exciting! (will keep you posted on the clothing front!)

Before I go I must say how excited I am for the last day of classes (FRIDAY!) and the subsequent beer garden with live music to follow! I'm sad I'm done working at the pub, but I'm super excited to not have to sling beer and actually drink it! yay!

On that note, I must get back to this essay.

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