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Monday, March 31, 2008

There is good news all around today!

First: I found out I got into my Uni of choice in Australia! After waiting for what felt like eons, I finally got my acceptance letter! yay! I have a future! It really is exciting and one of my friends is there right now and only has good things to say about it! ahhh (sigh of relief)

Second: I bought a pair of the most glorious heels!

The best part: I got them 70% OFF! So they came to about $40! Jealous? I guess I am a bad friend because my friend and fellow shoe lover, JB, wanted them but opted out because at the time they were still $120... BUT they were just so glorious, I couldn't pass them up... especially for $40! I now need to work on getting a dress to go with them for my Graduation dinner! I think I will opt for a LBD for the event... black seems the best and most versatile!

Ok, still working on that essay I mentioned before and it really needs to be completed and edited tonight!
Yours in shoes,


  1. Ok I LOVE them!! How did you get them on such a good deal!??!

  2. SOS had a 50-70% off sale.. unbelievable, right? I can barely afford to look in the window of that store.. but I saw the sign and had to go in a look... and I needed (ok, "needed" them) for grad dinner. AND I didn't even end up wearing them! But they are sooo cute, I couldn't pass them up!
    I'm happy you too are a shoe lover, how have we not talked until this year?? (infact, THIS TERM!)


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