Preface: "Jack"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I posted a picture a few days ago: "Jack" but didn't explain who Jack was or where this Jack came from. So here's the preface of  the "Jack" story:

Things seem to happen on a whim in this country. A little bit like my life over the past year- Gallivanting around Europe, coming to Australia. It keeps it exciting. So last weekend I got the invite (self invite?) to Bluesfest in Byron Bay (about 45ish minutes up the road into New South Wales) where Jack Johnson and his Brushfire Record friends were playing.

I saw him a few years ago in Oro, Ontario and loved it. So when this opportunity arose, I decided to bite the money bullet and just go for it. Turns out it was a fantastic day of live Blues-y, Reggae, Beachy- music and some of the best concert food I have ever had: Vegetarian options (heaps!), Tom's suggestion of the best organic dark chocolate filled doughnuts (and I mean these kick Tim Horton's donut butt), and everything you can think of: Jambalaya, Sushi, Pies... so so good!

The music was fantastic: We caught Buena Visa Social Club, Zennith, Donovan, Newton Faulkner, These amazing brothers who's name escapes me at the moment and Jack Johnson. We even managed to be close to the stage for Jack. Can't be that!

And that explains "Jack".

 and in case you were wondering, Jack used to be bald but now he is not!

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