Getting Your Way: 101

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantastic image, I reckon! Found here 

If you've ever worked in any kind of customer service, you'll understand that yelling at people will never get you ahead-- ever.

I always liked to think, "Ok, you're yelling at me because you used this product for 6 months and the plastic thingermabobber fell off when you threw it off your balcony? and you want a full refund?*"... Oh, people! 

Anyway, I was reading the Harvard Business Review (yeah, yeah, geek, I know) and I came across this article about how to get your way... THE NICE WAY! 

It's really worth a read: Live Life As An Experiment  

As the author writes: "when we live life as an experiment, we are far more willing to take risks, to acknowledge failure, to learn and develop. That's what experiments are all about: discovery and growth" 

Maybe nice guys finish first? 

*Not an actual story, but it feels pretty accurate, doesn't it? 

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