Pumps, Wedges and Flats OH MY!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A wise friend once told me that pay checks have to LEAVE the store. Well this (I am, of course, talking about me) unwise listener did not take that advice and has accidently bought a pair of shoes a week since employment commenced. Oops.

I am literally surrounded by shoes nearly everyday. I may not like the majority of these shoes but I still quite like looking at them, judging them and helping spend other peoples money. So while at first glance I found not one pair that tickled my fancy, I did a little searching and uncovered some gems.

To the jury, may I present Exhibit A-C:

Pair one: Practical and from my favourite shoe store across the street (but still affiliated- so it counts). DKNY flats.

OK, so not entirely practical. By the end of 8 hours my feet want to fall off...but cute, non?

Pair 2: Minnetonka Moccasins! Now really, the previous pair make my feet want to die, so I rotate between the DKNY and these beauties:

Yeah, yeah... I look like I'm wearing slippers at work. But geeze, they are mighty comfy! I rarely say comfort over style, but 8 hours at work and there's no chance I putting my feet in beastly, disgusting sneakers by a company that shall remain anonymous, but which I truly dislike. No way, Jose! 

And then today I bought these amazing BCBG heels which I can't seem to find a picture of online, but I can assure you they are fantastic. *UPDATE:

*Ah, the amazingness of webcams!

So if you catch me at Barneys, I will likely be wearing one of the 3 new pairs! 

To be fair, though, 2 we're totally justifiable.... right

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