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Monday, August 9, 2010

I woke up this morning and it was cloudy. Figures as it's one of my few days off so why would it be sunny right? (ok, I can't complain I spent the better part of the last year basking in the hot Australian sun) but I digress. This basically just meant that it wasn't a prime swimming day, but I headed over the KP's house mid-morning to eat some delicious corn and smoked bacon chowder home made by Mamma P herself! yum!

I ended up back at home mid-afternoon and was catching up on.... ok, I was catching up on Jersey Shore (FIST PUMP!) but shh and doing some facebook creeping (what else is there to do on a rainy Monday?) Well low and behold my facebooking turned into TICKETS TO MICHAEL BUBLE

Long story short, my old high school friend JK had an extra ticket and I was the first to respond- so volia! He and I ended up grabbing drinks and food at Waldo's on King St. and taking in the show...

Buble put on a fantastic show. He interacted with the audience, sang some crowd pleasers and had the entire audience twisting and shouting- an homage to Ferris Beullers Day Off. It was great! We ended up a dozen rows back... not back for a free show!

He also played one of my favourites (and also one that played about 100 times a day on TV in Australia during the Olympics!):

So this Monday turned from blah and rainy to one of the best days in ages! Thanks, JK!

Have you been to any great shows lately?? 

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