The Car Debate

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 years ago I bought a 3-year phone plan and 5 months later took off on an European adventure then moved to Australia for a year. Terrible planning on my part. I can barely keep a phone plan (I now have a number from my home city, not the one I am currently in) in order. Since arriving back in this country, I see the need for a car, but it seems that I'm never in one place for long enough to necessitate a vehicle. I imagine if I buy one tomorrow, I will move somewhere obscure (I hope!).

Someone posted this video on Twitter about having a vehicle:

Say what you will, live sans vehicle sort of-- for lack of better words--sucks. And watching this video really adds fuel to the fire. I realize it's completely absurd, but today on my train trip back here, driving would have knocked at least 2 hours off my time. But then again, cabs, trains and borrowing cars works too? Maybe?

Is it time to grow up and get a car?


  1. I have the exact same problem...I still have my Bell contract (for another year) even though I've been in Europe for 6 months, and will be home for all of 3 months before moving BACK to Europe in September. And my car is still at home sitting idle. This is what happens when you lead a pick-up-and-go life!

  2. I forgot you had a car back home. Shame they drive on the other side of the road in Scotland!


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