Cats and a ($10,000) Contest!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Baby: A long time lover of climbing to the highest spot in the house and attempting to escape from the place at any chance he gets. 

He was a new edition to the family home about 2 years ago.  Who would have imagined the amount of fur that a cat sheds? More importantly, who found out they were allergic to cats? (me).  I'm not a "cat person" but I've become quite fond of this little(!) guy. 

Speaking of homes and cats, my favourite design team, Stephen and Chris, are hosting a contest. A $10,000 room makeover for you (and your own Baby)!  Go to to enter to win and while you're there, get great cat-friendly design tips. 

If you know me or follow me on Twitter, you'll know my fondness for contests. This one is fantastic. A room makeover. From Stephen and Chris? SIGN ME UP!

Update: I just found this little gem. Baby!!!!

 Full disclosure, y'all: this post was sponsored by Friskies® Indoor. 

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