An eventful day!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

So the day started with a very VERY chilly Dionysus (a beer garden with live music on campus) which was great... It rained most of it (the weather opts to be nice for one of our two Beer Garden days each year and we had the nice one in the fall, so I suspected it would be crappy!) but that just meant no lines to get beer... I'm not complaining! So we basically drank beer and watched live music! We all ended up waiting for our friend, the Prince Caspian to play his set and it was great-- people were singing along. I attempted to film it, but my hand it just not steady enough to hold it on one place! oh well, it was still great!!! We stayed for a while and then went home to get dressed for the night!

4 years ago I never thought last night would come, and now it passed before I knew it. I keep saying, where did the last 4 years go? and no one I ask can seem to find them either. Last night was my College graduation dinner and after serving at the last 3, I knew what to expect, but it still hit me pretty hard-- I am done, forever.

As sad as I am, it was actually a great night. My housemate M and I did a toast to the College... we opted to go for a silly speech rather than a sad one because we knew our friends would be making speeches that made us cry already! So with the help of our housemate D. we compiled our thoughts and memories from the last 4 years and put them into one 10 minute speech, complete with a skit and a bun fight! It went extremely well and people laughed (and no one cried!)-- it was perfect!

Our former head don and friend also flew in from Newfoundland to be there with us, which was a surprise (a great one!) ... it was so nice to see him again!

That night (well, directly after) we headed to the Piggy (our favourite hangout spot/ tavern in town) and had beer and played PINGO (bingo!)... then headed to the dance bar, but D. and I only ended up staying for a bit! We ended up walking our friend J. home who had to remove her heels and wear D's sneakers home... it was quite the sight!

All and all it was a great day and night... I still can't believe it's over! 4 years!!! I feel like I started Uni yesterday... and now, here I am. Wow.

Ok, classes might be over but I still have TWO essays due this week coming up... So I best be getting those done!

Yours in Champlain ,

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  1. Ah! I didn't know that you blogged!! I LOVE your layout!! Grad dinner was so nice... and your speech was AMAZING. I laughed so hard!!!


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