The Final Freezerfest...

Monday, April 21, 2008

3 years ago me and my housemates decided that we would throw a dinner party to rid ourselves of all the food left in our freezer. We were in second year then and we were still unsure how to shop for ourselves (they don't teach that in University!). We sent out e-vites and Freezer-fest began!

The first year consisted of disgusting food that no one wanted-- cans of veggies, KD, various meat products etc. It was disgusting! but we hold dinner for the company and not necessarily the food!

The second time we had it, it was still on the verge of disgusting, but getting better. We were all getting older (and perhaps slightly more wise with our food purchasing selection)...

The third (and perhaps final) Freezer Fest was like a gourmet meal. I guess when people ask me what I learned in University, I can say "how to make delicious food out of junk in the freezer". This years food consisted of shish kabobs, pizza, Spanish rice with veggies, doughnuts, and (because we still need to be a little gross) beans and wieners!

It was a great way to end off the Family dinner we have been having since the first freezerfest at 354!

As of yesterday I was officially done my undergrad! Now I've got about 8 months to kills before my next Uni starts.. what to do...

Yours in delicious food,

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