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Friday, April 11, 2008

Today was the day! I have officially handed in my final paper of my undergrad... this means that I am done (except for one exam on the 19th)... yikes! I got up at 5am to edit (probably not the best idea considering I went to sleep at 1am) and was done by 7:30am. Printed it and hopped on the bus with D and M at 8:30 (ok, we ran for the bus in the rain.. but we made it and 'hopped' sounds much more graceful than dashing around people and jumping over puddles!) by 9:20 I was back home in my bed watching mindless television-- because I can!!!

...But now I have no idea what to with myself

I have about a week off and I definitely will not be studying for all that time. Unfortunately, attempting to write my last exam ever is not going to prove to be easy when all I can think about is being done! I must get out of this mind frame! Anyway, now I have loads of time to do thing... I just need to figure out what to do!

Today I tired on a bunch of my clothes to see which ones A. I still like B. still fit and unfortunately they all still fit and I like them all. I think this might be a little more difficult than I had imagined. I might attempt to limit myself to 2 bags, but chances of that happening are pretty slim! I have also found that my shoes are going to take up a LOT of room. So far I have one suitcase filled with them, and about ___ pairs (I don't think I can actually tell you how many I have) scattered around my room! eeek... I hope there is room in my closet at home!

I spent the rest of today hanging out with my friend K. We basically hung around watching TV and ate dinner with D and MD (two of the housemates) ... not a bad afternoon. AND I successfully got ALL of my laundry done-- quite an accomplishment, let me tell you!

I think I am also going to take this opportunity to pick up my girly-shopaholic-like books again. I need a break from the crazy books I had been reading for school. A girl can only handle so many books about Drugs and Alcohol in British Literature!! I think it's time for another Bridget Jones' read! Do you have any good book suggestions???

Oh, I must say I am extremely excited for the 3rd annual FREEZER-FEST which is being held on April 20th this year and will commemorate all of the left behind food in our freezers. We will also take the opportunity to cook all of that food and share it with many of our best friends here. I anticipate this event each year and each year the food gets better and better! mmm...

On that lovely note I must go clean up (shh.. don't tell anyone I actually know how to clean up!)


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  1. *sigh*
    I've had to start doing the same thing with all my clothes and shoes. Shoes are always the hardest... I've downsized quite a bit in the past year and stopped buying, and I think I'm down to about 70 pairs. And my clothes--I made a rule. If I haven't worn it in the last 6 months/year and don't foresee myself wearing it in the next 6 months/year, then I get rid of it.

    Congrats on finishing your last essay!! I'm working on mine today... I can't wait to hand this beast in. I'm also done on the 19th.. HOO HAH! :)

    As for books, I highly, highly recommend:
    *The Kite Runner
    *Memoirs of a Geisha
    *The Devil Wears Prada
    *A Million Little Pieces

    and I'll think of more. I can't wait for summer reading!!


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