Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am officially out of my University city/ home for 4 years. I spent a week packing/ getting rid of the majority of my life and on Saturday night at midnight/ Sunday morning I packed it all into my dad's truck and said goodbye to some of my best friends.

In December I sent an e-mail to my core group of Friends... the "Family" as we have called ourselves... about making scrapbooks. As creative as I am, I am generally unmotivated when it comes to making pages for myself so the e-mail asked everyone if they a)wanted to make one or b) would make pages for those that did. I waited and heard back from 2 of them.

Flash forward several months and the scrapbooks are now complete. I guess everyone jumped on board and were totally excited to see what each other would write. None of the guys made them, but they all wrote pages for the one that did! It looks so great and I'm going to miss them all so much.

I've moved so many times but this time was by far the hardest. I am so grateful for the Internet!

Anyway, that is sad so on to some exciting stuff:

I am going (I think on Friday) shopping in Toronto for some work clothes... somehow over the year my nice clothes become casual clothes and are no longer appropriate for work. I guess this is good because it means a few new things for the office! I scored a sweet summer job as a research assistant (yes, I have a degree in English Lit and Cultural Studies and am now working in the medical field...) and I'm very very excited for it!

I am starting to write a book.. I've got some characters, plot and such--- will keep you updated as I write more! I hope to one day be on some one's summer read list!!

I must cut this short to get to sleep but I will post soon.


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  1. Congrats on your new job!!

    And I hope we'll hear more about this book of yours... I'm intrigued!! :)


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