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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I didn't attend the grad ceremony, but if I did, I reckon it'd look a little like this (picture found here)

Apparently the marks from Uni were supposed to be released July 9th. Everyday since that day I have been signing onto the University website, typing in my user I.D and password and checking my transcript. Everyday it said, "Continuing Marking". AHHHHH!!!!!

I handed in my dissertation (which was 70+ pages) on June 4th and have played the waiting game ever since. The worry quickly set in-- I knew I'd pass but I had no idea if it was good or just ok. In my mind, I totally rocked my Twitter topic dissertation. But when it comes to completely unknown markers, who really knows?

Well, nearly 2 months later I get an e-mail from the program convener:

Dear S

I'm delighted to let you know that you have achieved the Grade of Distinction on your 40CP Dissertation in the Master of Arts and Media.  Your two examiners were within one mark - which makes your result not only excellent but consistently excellent, I'd say. Well done! ...

Amazing, right? And most definitely worth the wait! I have a MASTERS! So now comes the next game-- the job hunt! 

Highly educated girl for hire! 

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