Paychecks have to LEAVE the store...

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is nothing like where I work-- I just love everything on the shelves (found here )

It really sounded like a good idea. A friend (that I haven't seen in years due to Australia and it's luring power on both of our behalves) got me a job at a shoe store. Me in a shoe store... with a discount. This can really only lead to bad things.

I mean, it sounds wonderful-- I get to see all the new shoes that come in PLUS I get a discount at my favourite shoe store... bad. bad. bad. (good? good? good?) So really, I have to keep my pay cheque AWAY from the store and leave my bank card at home. Must save!

Then today I went for an interview at a chocolate shop. What am I doing to myself? Will I have any money left after this summer? Fingers crossed on that front-- need to save for first & last and potentially a plane ticket out of here (London calling?) or a one way ticket to Toronto for my dream job in the media... anyone?

Do you have any wonderful summer plans?

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