The last 2 weeks

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I was pretty confident in my packing- 23 kg for each bag and a carry on. Ok, so it turns out I had more like 3 bags of 23 kg than 2, so in a frantic panic at about 2am, I purged half of my clothing, a pair of shoes, a purse and a broken bag leaving me with an impressive 23kg bag , 22.9kg bag and a 7.4 kg carry on + a laptop bag jammed packed with books, macbook, camera, cords, glasses, etc weighing likely another 7 or 8 kg but shh

I must admit after the last two weeks I’m pretty exhausted and sort of wish I had the 10+ grand a first class ticket costs for the 12 hour leg of the trip. I've always envied those that walk UP the stairs and go into that second level which I've only ever seen outside the plane. Must be nice.

Here’s what happened while you were sleeping (and working):

I jetted off to Melbourne. I initially stayed in St. Kilda at Habitat HQ (as per G’s suggestion) and it turned out to be a fantastic place. An easy walk to the beach and the area is full of great shops, cafes, restaurants etc. and PENGUINS!

This is at the end of the pier where the penguins live. 

Then it was off to the Great Ocean Road- a great 2 day, 1 night bus tour stopping at some great places along the way.
At Bells Beach- a famous Surfing Beach along the Great Ocean Road

Back to Melbourne (this time the city) for the Tim Burton exhibition and some great museums—and a horrific hostel. No hot water. Eww.

At the Tim Burton Exhibition- The Bat Mobile!

A 6 hour sleep in the airport as to avoid the terrible hostel and I boarded a plane for Alice Springs, questionably to dirtiest town I’ve ever been to. Nothing to do, lots of yelling in the streets and rain. Lots and lots of rain. Spent night one in the hotel watching Fight Club and going to bed early in anticipation of my Ayres Rock tour the following day.

Was up and ready for 6am. Boarded a 21 person bus and we were on our way. Ended up playing some kind of ‘musical chair, get to know you’ game and chatted with Triston. 

The back of the bus

 First stop: Kings Canyon. Ended up getting lost with 10 people half way through the walk and did a little off roading to the end point. Highly illegal in those parts.

Kings Canyon. Lots of rocks (the theme for this part of the trip)

Slept in a swag bag. Outside. No facilities. -5. Birr. I’ve never seen more stars in my life.

yeah yeah, 3 days and no shower + no one looks good in a swag bag wearing a Magpie's hat! 

Day 2: Ayres Rock base walk. 10.6km of dirt situated around the bottom. Interesting walk, lots of rock. 2hrs.  Caught the sunset- what a sight!

Ayres Rock changing colour with the sun setting. 

Day 3: The Olgas walk. Far more interesting than the others and slightly more strenuous, even though some of us opted for the no shoes option. (Oh, T). On the way back we got stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire—I’m pretty sure this is how people die in the outback.

Fantastic walk around the Olgas.

Back to YHA Alice Springs for the longest hot shower of my life; off to the Rock bar for dinner and drinks. Then Bo Jangles. Then Casino. Then the hotel.

The final day to pop around (the still raining) Alice Springs. Lunch with W, C, T & P at Tea Shrine (or something like that) and then coffee. Later on dinner at Bo Jangles.

T, P & W at Bo Jangles. 

Met up with P & T at the airport in the morning and caught a flight to Sydney via Melbourne.

The guy learning the ways of using rocks as war paint. 

Wandered Sydney, had dinner at the Opera House café, dodged the rain (it was seriously raining everywhere!) and went to bed semi early (somehow through the party happening in the room)

View from the train 

Spent my final day wandering about. Buying a few Australia specific gifts and attempting to stay out of the rain. Another night, this time at Side Bar. Great live band, lots of dancing. Bed.

Disco balls at Side Bar

Sydney to the Gold Coast: fetched my belonging from my old place, said some temporary goodbyes to T & B, caught a shuttle to Brisbane airport. Comfy sleep on the fantastic couches with my blanket in the airport and braced myself for the next 26 hours. 3 more flights…

14 days, 8 planes, 5 hostels, 4 states, 2 airport sleeps, 1trip.


  1. Hey Steffi,

    Love your writeup, you have been on the move! Cheers for the Side Bar shoutout - you think we might have gone overboard with the disco balls?

    Cheers, John @ Side Bar

  2. For the record: you can NEVER have too many disco balls!


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