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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's GUEST BLOGGER is Merry from Makeup By Merry.

Is it THAT time of the year already? In the Philippines, we call it the “ber” season (“brrrr” because of the cooler temps and the start of the months ending in –ber).  I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Summer yet. It was an awesome sunshine-filled season this year, and if I could live in Summer all year long, I would!  But I must admit, watching the beautiful changing of the leaves in Toronto, and getting into my Fall knits and boots have gotten me in the mood for the cooler season.

I was just getting into the swing of it all when I found myself in a jammed TTC bus surrounded by lovely people who:

a) Didn’t think anyone would mind if they sneezed or coughed in their hair or faces .
b) Didn’t think anyone would notice that they coughed into their hand (instead of their sleeve).
c) Didn’t know/care that sneezing/coughing  viral mucus into the air would cause millions of droplets to land and consequently spread their cold to others.

Who doesn’t know how cold viruses are spread? Seriously? SERIOUSLY. 

I have been feeling a bit blah lately. And just like that, I now have the sniffles. Just. Like. That... 
Since there’s no actual cure for Rhinovirus (a cold) – I know I just have to do my best to deal with it and try not to spread it to others at home and/or at work. I could think of worse things that could happen, but when you’re a makeup artist (/language Instructor/sales associate) facing your clients with a cold is just perfect. (Insert sarcasm font).

So, before it’s too late for me to give you a few tips on how to help prevent catching the common cold, here are a few pointers:

·       Wash your hands  with hand soap frequently. No, splashing your hands with water for a second DOESN’T count. Grab a couple of paper towels and set aside. Soap up and rub hands, back of hands, fingers and finger tips together as you silently (optional) sing the Alphabet from A-Z, before rinsing,  and use a tissue paper to turn off the faucet. Then dry your hands with the other piece of paper towel and dispose.
·       Carry some Hand Sanitizer with you. There are some really neat (and cute) purse-sized bottles that can be attached to your purse and or key chains like the ones from Purell and Bath & Body.

 Holders are only $1 and hand sanitizers $2-3 each!
·      DO bring some soft 2-3 ply tissues and use and dispose of them properly. DON’T leave used tissues    lying around.
·      DO sneeze into your sleeve if or when you can’t get your tissue out on time to protect others from showering in your mucus droplets!

       DO invest in a purse hanger ($1-12 each) to prevent “Bagteria” by not placing your purse down on the  floor (in washrooms, in the office, on the floor of the car etc) anywhere and everywhere you go and then bringing the purse back onto your desk, home - onto your sofa or kitchen counter! Treat your purse the same way as your shoes and leave it at the door or on a hook whenever possible. Studies show that women can pick up nasty harmful bacteria (salmonella, e-coli etc) on their purses. I got my first purse hanger from Brazil from a close friend, but I’ve since seen a few other really fashionable ones in Indigo/Chapters, and at the purse section at The Bay. They make good gift and giveaway ideas too!).
·       Stay healthy: Exercise and a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is key. If you’re already feeling a bit under the weather – Nip it in the bud and hit it with everything you have! Natural antioxidants can be found in food like: berries, guava, oranges, mangos, garlic, broccoli... and a drop of Oregano oil under the tongue once a day can help boost your immune system.
·    Don’t forget your Vitamins!  I also take Echinacea tablets known for its immune boosting properties daily as a natural supplement. Remember to consult your Doctor before taking any new medication or supplements!).
Invest in a Neti Pot (nasal bidet). An ancient Ayurvedic  nasal and sinus irrigation device. It sounds strange but it really doesn’t hurt and only takes a couple of minutes to gently lean forward and flush out your nasal passages of dust, pollen, mucus etc..using a small pot with a spout. I bought mine for under $20 from Shoppers. You fill it with 8ml with water to make a saline solution with some pre sachet mixture of sodium bicarbonate and pH balanced sodium chloride.
·    And if you still end up with a cold and need to look your best... Keep makeup light and remember to moisturize skin and lips well.  

A   Yellow-based concealer like this one from Tarte cosmetics, said to help de-puff and brighten under eye  circles, to banish dark circles and redness around the nose, set with translucent setting powder, groomed brows (instant face lift) and a coat or two of mascara, crème blush to add a healthy glow on the cheeks and pop of color on the lips (even if you’re not usually a lips girl) can help brighten up the face and draw
attention from watery sunken or in my case, puffy eyes.  Try Stilla’s multi purpose compact or NARS multiple sticks!

... *sighhhhhhh* 

Stay Healthy and Gorgeous. I gotta go wash my hands again and go to bed

Merry (

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