Just In Time For Hallowe'en

Saturday, October 23, 2010

As per usual I am unprepared for Hallowe'en! Last year I went as a flapper girl (costume decision was made about 20 minutes prior to leaving for a house party in Surfers), the year before that I went as Marilyn Monroe and previous to that... I can't even remember! This year, I'm thinking Where's Waldo(ette). Striped red and white shirt, glasses. I can do that! 

So today I got in the hallowe'en spirit and instead of going pink and red for my nails- I opted OPI Ink! It's blue, purple and a pink sparkle!

A little darker than I would normally opt for, but it's pretty, eh?

This colour also really reminds me of the new M.A.C Villians line. It's fantastic and limited edition so I recommend you get to either The Bay or a M.A.C store ASAP before it's gone... forever.  

For my Canadian readers (and those that have been to this glorious country), you'll know these delicious doughnuts. Sprinkle HALLOWE'EN doughnuts!

Can't wait to see the inventive costumes this year. People never fail to amaze me! What are you going to be? 

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