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Friday, October 15, 2010

Willy Wonka (found here )

For once in (what feels like) a super long time, I have Friday off! Let me tell you: I love Fridays off! In fact, back when I was at home, prior to Europe/ Australia, No Work Fridays were all the rage with me and my friend NL. Back then I was also working Monday-Thursday full time and getting paid for a full weeks work...

But I digress. Fridays off leaves time for catching up with fellow non-career working friends. A Starbucks chat with SB, seeing some television shows I've missed over the last few weeks and the chance to see what's happening on Facebook/ Twitter. It's the last bit that lead me to this fantastic article posted to AK's Twitter page: "Willy Wonka Chewing Gum becomes a Reality". A three course meal in the form of gum. Sounds pretty disgusting, doesn't it?

Hmm...The new fad diet? A delicious way to enjoy all your favourite foods in one go? Will you try it?

I think I'll pass (I say this now, but I'm pretty sure I passed on lots of things including Facebook, but alas...)

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