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Thursday, June 3, 2010

In July I'll arrive home with no money, lots of laundry to do and a heaps of memories. But what I willl be missing is, thus far, a job. Not even a career, just a simple everyday money making job. (HELP ME!) So while I'm continuously looking for something to do, I'm also thinking of all the things on my "summer-to-do" list.

I've come up with a few things:

1. Sewing. I started making a dress before I arrived to Australia (actually this began prior to my European adventure)-- I'm not even sure if it will still fit but I'm going to arrive back home and get that dress finished! And I've been searching the internet for other things I want to make and I've compiled a list of bookmarks for that! 

I want to try my hands at these skirts and dresses by designer Cynthia Rowley:

(@ here)
Cute, non? Love the colours, too. Will have to check out Fabricland when I get back! Hello, ends

2. Volunteering. I'm not sure where yet, but I've typically done some kind of volunteering since I was a kid. Maybe at the art gallery? Or perhaps I should focus on getting that job first...

3. Cooking! Last night I ventured out of my boring as cooking routine of the same blah food and tried out a great recipe I found: Coconut Fish & Chips.  I'm not into mayo, so I switched that out for a honey mustard and it was amazing. I need to go to the fresh meat and seafood counter more often I think. Ah, delicious delicious inspiration.  

4. Outside exercise. I love jogging outside along the beach but recently there have been some weird attacks, so I've slowed down the running outside at night routine. BUT as I will be without employment, I will run outside during the day at home. Exploration of the north part of town... I wonder what's changed? 

5. A few mini-vacations trips. I have a few mini vacations planned:

A quick trip to Kentucky for a long weekend when I arrive (perhaps a quick trip to Nashville?) which will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with the family!

NYC, baby! I promised one of my little sisters a weekend trip to the City to see the sights, sounds and a Broadway play. I also promised another trip to A, so I better get a job because A & I in the City is terrible for my bank account. 

So many plans, so little money!

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