A Very Cultural Day in Brisbane

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As the time ticks down to my departure, I'm trying to fit in a few local(ish) adventures! The Goldy really lacks in all thing cultural, so Tuesday I headed to Brisbane with D to see some art at GOMA.

First stop was Grill'd. I am seriously obsessed with the burgers there. "Healthy burgers" as they call them. I just call them delicious. I didn't get a picture... Next time!

To get to the museum, you have to walk through Southbank. I could live in Southbank and Griffith has a campus there, but they only offer limited courses (and the two hours each way commute didn't really tickle my fancy). Anyway, Southbank is really artsy and cool and on Tuesday they had a festival for Under 8's.

This was a giant play thinger that you (if you were 8 or under) could go into:

Up next, these really random 'paper' boats. I'm not sure what they were intended for. You can't really question art, though:

There were a few things happening at GOMA including a huge New Zealand feature. I don't get the large dead bunny, but I (strangely) like it!:

And of course, what's New Zealand without FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS? They had these TV's set up playing 4 different episodes of the show-- including the episode with Aziz Ansari that I posted recently !  HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY

The main feature of GOMA was Ron Mueck . His art is super realistic and slightly (ok, super) creepy. 
Now it was a bit crazy, but we were checking out his book on the way out and I've actually seen his work before! The National Gallery in Ottawa has this GIGANTIC baby head that he created and I have a picture standing beside it. 

On the way back, we ran into the traveling Hat Museum:

I got yelled at for taking pictures, so I snapped this one when the security guard wasn't looking:

And finally, this was part of the museum. As D pointed out, it looks like this guy is rocking the iPod running arm band. He is so ahead of his time! 

As we left, we grabbed a coffee and walked to the train station. And that was Tuesday... an excellent, cultured day! 

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  1. man you are all over this posting stuff! post pictures so i can write a blog too :)


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