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Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Over the last few months I've spent a lot of time looking for jobs. Actually, make that looking for a "career". I'm not even sure how anyone defines career anymore as people change these "careers" around 8 times during their working lives... but I digress. I am on the hunt for something to do with my time that pays me money, allows me to buy fantastic things and travel. I'm not asking for much here!

I've had quite a few jobs over the past 10 years:

Working on a corn field - one summer was quite enough of that
Painting faces - amazing... when you're 14
Cashier -6 years was plenty
Office admin work - not all that ideal
Research- I liked it, but perhaps not medical research?
Server -being invisible is not really for me. Plus, I dislike the black pants, white crisp shirt look
Perpetual Student -downside: you end up with far less money than you started

I started thinking about what I do want to do. There seems to be a general lack of jobs out there right now, but I'm pretty sure something exists in the world. I can live in Canada and the EU, so my options are (hopefully) pretty open.

Option One: Fashion Publishing

You know the people that write the really rad blogs for Nylon Magazine? I want to do that. 

Option Two:  Researcher for Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

I know this jobs exists, but I have no idea how to go about getting it. That being said, I want it. So I'll do a little more research this evening and see what I come across...

Option Three: Work for MTV

I'm not asking for a show here (or maybe I am?). I'd do anything at MTV... ok, mostly anything.

Option Four:  Food Critic

Seriously, these people eat at the best restaurants and then tell others how good or bad it was. I can do that! I'd want to work for a company like SeriousEats out of NYC... delicious.

I'm going to take my compiled list and see if I can make something happen. After, of course, I write about another 1,000 words on my dissertation this evening. Deadlines, people. Deadlines.

Wish me luck.

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  1. AHhhh the job hunt. I hate this part. I hope you find something amazing!


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