The Russell Peters Fiasco

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I found out that Canadian comedian Russell Peters was going to do a show in Brisbane. I sort of humm'd and hawww'd about going- but really, it's RUSSELL PETERS and not only that, it was RUSSELL PETERS IN BRISBANE!

If you haven't seen (or heard of) him. Here's an entire show. I hope you have 45 minutes (and non-Australian internet):

Flash forward a few weeks to yesterday: I was going with a few friends (2 from here and one I knew from way back). We were suppose to all drive up together, but things got a little jumbled up communication wise, so KP and I ended up taking the train up... We hopped on the bus at Uni and headed to Helensvale (the closest station). As we were pulling up K made a comment about how many cop cars were there... maybe 5 of 6? We departed the bus and walked up to notice the cops roping the area off and then finally shuffling everyone away where "busses would pick us up and take up to the next train station". wtf?  So we hop on the bus that was heading closer to Brisbane and there was techno beats pumping from the speakers. Some kid yells "can you turn this up?" and the driver does. REALLY? We speculate some kind of train related death* but no one actually confirms it at this point. We finally get to the train, and about an hour and a bit later we're at Southbank.

We have no idea where we're going, so we wander for a while around Southbank- It's probably my favourite part of Brisbane. It's hip, trendy and carries all the clothing which I love (but cannot currently afford). We have a peak at Brisbane from the other side of the water:

We had planned on grabbing dinner in the city, but since the bus/ another bus/ train situation left us a little behind schedule we opted for a quick bite in Southbank. We wandered and found Grill'd - this awesome fresh burger place serving "healthy burgers" (whatever that means...). The food was fantastic! K ran into a guy she knew and his friend ended up having an extra pair of floor seats to the show (we were in the nosebleed section prior to this). So we ate dinner and rocked up to find our new seats were about 15 rows back. Perfect views of Russell Peters face! 

The show was hilarious but there was no photography and no filming  during the acts (this was enforced by his Canadian boys he brought along that walked the aisles making sure no one was filming). Oh and no Canadian jokes- that was a bummer. But all in all a great show!

 I did manage to snap a picture after the show, though. Under the screens were 2 amazing Toronto based DJ's that played before and after the show- cool idea! 

So, due to a series of events (no ride, the train situation, being hungry, picking the right place to eat etc) we ended up with amazing tickets AND a car ride home! Excellent evening! 

*Confirmed by Gold Coast News 

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