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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes things spark my creative side. I miss that.  I haven't drawn or painted in... over a year (oh that's bad!).

I find the Surfers lifestyle slightly uninspired (unless, of course, you are inspired by streets full of bars and kebabs). The beach life is amazing, but it lacks in most things artsy... but hey, to each their own!

Then I wandered into a few stores in Byron. I wish I could remember the store, but it was an independent designer shop that was full of cutesy clothes and fun things- like this:

TEACUP lights! I mean, I probably wouldn't put it in my place (not that I have a place to put things) but I love the idea and it fit the shop so well! 

Another shop had all the jewelry displayed on a tree branch spray painted gold with sparkles on top!:

Ok, I'd definitely put this in my (potential) place.  Love it!

Perhaps this is cause for some art creations... Maybe a little drawing? Sculpture? Awesome gold painted tree branches that I can cover in GLITTER? Umm Yesss!

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