May 2-4 Jungle MAYhem Canadian Kegger in Oz

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 2-4 weekend is the first sign that summer is beginning. Hello, long weekend! (and Happy Birthday to the Queen!) So when you attend a Uni in Australia that's practically full of Canadians, there is bound to be some traditions brought over. You see, keg parties are not really a "thing" here. You can't just tap a keg, you need to get the whole set up which equals big bucks, so people tend to stick with goon and bottled booze at parties. But not the Canadians I know---They pull out the big guns here!

Saturday night turned into a Jungle* themed kegger at the guys 2 story apartment. $10 cover, Prime location and a perfect set up! Several balconies to hold a massive amount of people (surprise, surprise mostly Canadians) and more beer and Jungle juice (I have no idea and I don't want to know) than anyone could possibly drink.

I brought my camera and managed to get one picture. Ah, probably a good thing...


*One of the guys hosting the party and I actually attended a Jungle Party up in Cape Tribulation (just north of Cairns). This was a locals party and the house had no outer walls (what?), the people hosting were total hippies, they had a DJ set up with the flashing lights, someone brought their pet dingo (this is how I know I'm in Oz) and one of the guys was a fisherman, so he brought a bunch of Snapper and cooked it on the barbie! Oh and how could I forget-- there were FIRE THROWERS throwing fire on the lawn. I tired and narrowly escaped a multitude of burns (fire spinning without the fire). It was probably the craziest thing I have seen. The night ended on a cassowary bird hunt in a car with a local. Questionably the most frightening moment of my life. 

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