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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lately it's been feeling a little backwards here. I've been wearing a sweater for the last few weeks and people back home are telling me about how hot it is. No fair! I'm the one in Australia here, geeze!

Then again, I'm back to the land of seasons in a month and a half so I think I'm good to ditch the sweater and start strategically planning my summer wardrobe. This summer is basically going to be the wardrobe of last summer... or this past year. Sigh. I just love new things, but new things don't exists without this crazy thing called a "job".

I've scouted out a few things if I ever come across money again.

Anthropologie, you've done it again:

                                          (Available here )
It's a dress AND IT HAS LOBSTERS ON IT! Where would you even wear such a dress? Regardless, I think it's quite fantastic.  Worth $174? Unlikely. 

 Modcloth . I'm sure you've probably seen it advertised if you've checked out any fashion related websites. Their merchandise changes frequently and they always have quirky names for their clothing.

Like this dress: "My Gift is My Dress" Dress. Clever. Love it! 

$89. Better than the lobster price wise and still quite fun. Check it here .


Hunter Boots, I expected a little more from you. You're crossing into Croc territory and I'm not sure I can deal with that.  Stick with what you know- remove the fur.

If you do want them (and hey, they are "must haves") you can buy them here. But don't, ok?

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